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10 Proven Screen Recorders for Mac [Updated in 2023]

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  1. GSR

    Geekersoft Screen Recorder

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  2. Use Geekersoft free online screen recorder to save video without watermark, no registration and no payment required.


  3. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming for Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Help in explaining a software term for a novice about about 22 hours ago

    If yes, that sounds like a good use case for OBS:
  4. Apple company product

    Codecs will not activate about about 2 months ago

    Quicktime was used in Vegas to enable MP4 container decoding in Vegas 13 and before. It doesn't do anything since then. Quicktime hasn't even supported Windows since Windows 7. I don't think you're aware how many extant exploits there are for Quicktime on Windows. It's not a safe thing to add and it does nothing. It is not required to run Vegas. You can disagree, but I'd like to see some evidence for saying that....
  5. Monosnap is a comprehensive screenshot taking software system that provides users with a fast and accessible way to take screenshots whenever they want. Read more about Monosnap.

    App alternatives to Bartender and CleanShotX about over 1 year ago:

    Shotr is nice but AFAIK it only does full screen images and you need to crop it. The built in editor is nice though. There's also Menu Snappr and Monosnap, which has a free mode.
  6. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework.

    Why Open Source Software VLC's official website has been... about 8 months ago

    Try accessing it without the 'www' subdomain (
  7. Screen Capture Software for Windows and Mac

  8. Record Anything on Screen. Now compatible with Sierra! Snapz Pro X allows you to effortlessly record anything on your screen*, saving it as a QuickTime® movie or screenshot that can be e-mailed, put up on the web, or passed around however you want.

  9. All-in-One Screen Recorder, Video Editor & eLearning Authoring Software Watch IntroDownload. Powerful rapid eLearning authoring software.

  10. A powerful new screen recorder and editor