1. Use Webpack to manage app-like JavaScript modules in Rails - rails/webpacker

  2. Contribute to flyjs/fly development by creating an account on GitHub.

  3. Making Modern Websites Should Be Easier. Pingy is Here To Help.

  4. Webpack is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also capable of transforming, bundling, or packaging just about any resource or asset.

  5. The Grunt ecosystem is huge and it's growing every day.

  6. Brunch builds, lints, compiles, concatenates and shrinks your HTML5 app in an ultra-simple way. No more Grunt / Gulp mess.

  7. Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler

  8. Backpack is a web-based service that makes organizing your information incredibly easy.