1. Singtel Secure Web Gateway is designed to protect businessed with the essential solution for web infrastructure.

  2. Evident.io provides continuous cloud security for AWS, enabling rapid detection of risks, vulnerabilities, & compliance issues.

  3. Akamai Prolexic provides security protection against DDoS mitigation to application layer vulnerabilities.

  4. Conjur helps organizations teams monitor, manage, secure, and audit their modern/DevOps infrastructure.

  5. Illumio provides visibility into application traffic anywhere and dynamically computes fine-grained policies.

  6. StegoSOC delivers continuous security and compliance monitoring for cloud infrastructure.

  7. Software-defined data center operations platform.

  8. Aqua Security provides a security solution for virtual containers.

  9. BB Consulting helps: ID threats Develop risk appropriate mitigation strategies Implement and maintain IT security standards and techniques

  10. Adrenaline makes it easy to add security to mobile backend services.

  11. Open-source container vulnerability analysis service.

  12. PrivateCore enables enterprises to deploy servers in outsourced environments while maintaining data security.