1. Audience polls live inside your existing PowerPoint slides. No apps or clickers needed. Great for conferences, classrooms, boardrooms, seminars, workshops.

  2. Have you ever attended a talk in which there is a Q&A session but either no one dares to participate or several participants ask irrelevant questions? SpeakUp addresses this issue by providing a fun way for the audience to share and rate each other'…

  3. You can now do important things in your presentation better and easier. Presentain helps speakers engage and grow their audiences.

  4. A modern, easy to use straw poll website that's completely free and doesn't require sign up.

  5. Quizizz is a multiplayer quizzing game.

  6. 2Shoes App saves time and money by helping events with Q&A, document distribution, polling...

  7. Free, realtime, configurable, user created polls with pie charts as well.

  8. Fast and simple to use tool for creating online polls.

  9. Activate your audience with a Lexsur: the easiest way to setup your next speaking event with...

  10. Online, self-service voting platform

  11. Teach anything to anyone from anywhere.

  12. Anyone can ask questions - the team votes on the best ones.