1. The fastest way to build beautiful Electron apps using simple HTML and CSS.

  2. Puffin is a web browser for mobile apps that is both amazingly fast and exceptionally secure. After you've tried Puffin for just a little while, any other mobile web browser will feel like it's moving at a snail's pace.

  3. Opera Mini enables you to take your full web experience to your phone.

  4. Fast and secure, ad and tracker blocking browser.

  5. Opera is a browser with innovative features, speed and security.

  6. Build cross platform desktop apps with .NET Core

  7. Castable wax resin for 3D printing jewelry

  8. Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and free web browser, built for the modern web. Give it a try on your desktop today.

  9. Developed in China, UC Browser is a mobile internet browser designed to offer many of the best features you'll find in a desktop internet browser shrunk down to accommodate the needs of your phone.

  10. Target almost all platforms at once with react native

  11. Create cross-platform desktop apps in minutes, not months

  12. Secure.