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Bearable App | Mood & Symptoms tracker | Latest prototype

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Bearable App | Mood and Symptom tracker | Latest prototype


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    Best overall symptom tracker: Bearable

    Bearable is a well-rounded health tracker that helps you put mental health symptoms into context with your general well-being.

    You can also integrate Bearable into your formal mental health treatment plan, sharing data securely with your therapist.

    🏁 Competitors: Daylio
    👍 Pros:    Third party service integration|Reminders|Highly customizable
    👎 Cons:    In app purchases

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  • Looking For some Support, Have had Chest Pain for 2 weeks and I’m scared. Doctors won’t take it seriously
    In the meantime, it will be helpful if you track your symptoms using a journal or app. Bearable is a great option because it’s very customizable. You can create some really great reports, export them & add them to your medical record. Source: 6 months ago
  • App to track side effects of medication, general mood and cycle? DESPERATELY trying to find one
    Bearable ( was the closest thing I could find, you can track all sorts in there and create your own custom fields. It’ll spit out some useful metrics too. Source: 12 months ago
  • recently diagnosed
    The best way is tracking and writing things down, what preceded the episode, what happened, what worked, what didn't, use an app like daylio or you start to notice shit. Like for me, two things always happened, colors seem more colorful somehow, and my thoughts and speech speed up, like I can't want to be done saying the first thing, before I want to say another, everyone is different, you will learn... Source: 12 months ago
  • I may just find out that I am bipolar and I don't know what I should do about it
    You are welcome, most people like daylio as an app, might be your thing, there are tons of good apps, the one you should use is the on you will actually use! They remind you to login and track on a timer that you choose... So it's like, whatever app allows you to capture what you want to convey right... Source: 12 months ago
  • I’m sick and I missed my doctors appointment because I’m extremely depressed. Now the two problems keep getting bigger.
    Start tracking your symptoms with an app, check out Now you can just point to your data to your doctor. You don't have to tell some sob story. When you slept, wake up time, meal times, socialization, it all matters. If you are tracking all the stuff, especially the stuff they ask you about, you can just point to the chart and say "this". Source: 12 months ago
  • Can I have a successful career with schizophrenia? (Currently in medical school)
    Tracking your symptoms and triggers over time works. In the first 6 weeks you are still learning, but 6 years down the road, if you are tracking, maybe with an app like Maybe journaling, pen and paper... Being a scientist of yourself... You will get smart about what prevents symptoms and what works when they happen, and you will gain the most important things, agency and efficacy... So you can be the... Source: about 1 year ago
  • First time seeing a therapist - Wow
    Ptsd and brain damage can mimic and exacerbate bipolar... Only by tracking over time, being a scientist of yourself, can you learn to separate shit, what is what, and what works for you and doesn't... Some people like daylio, check out Source: about 1 year ago
  • Share your daily use apps
    -Bearable: a tracker health app. Have free plan but also have a year subscription. I use the free plan. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Who else
    But you want to track your moods, look up the app, you want to track your symptoms. Source: about 1 year ago
  • I was just diagnosed
    Side effects from meds, effectiveness of meds... You track your moods, your symptoms, your behaviors, each day, from an app, ( ?) or on paper, or just by experience, and you start to know, OK I need to advocate for this, ask about that... To maximize the potential of any med change... Over time, experimenting, you get better at how to cope. Obviously meds are important but also sleep, diet, social,... Source: about 1 year ago
  • Any one ever had Steroidal Cream/Ointment trigger hypo/mania?
    The way you can get around that is tracking so, track your moods before, during and after your applications.... You could tie it to your applications with an app like It's easy to deceive yourself in the moment because of confirmation bias... But it's hard to do it over the long term tracking yourself multiple times a day. It's not just for the doctors it's to teach yourself... Source: about 1 year ago
  • Sudden Caffeine Allergy after first episode
    Make a list of your complaints, take them to your doctor. All your symptoms. All your sleep time wake time meal time meal quanity. Look up Be a scientist of yourself. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Is 300mg of Lamictal enough to manage Bipolar 1 alone?
    That's a highly personal thing my dog. You should track all your symptoms, triggers, with an app (like and just find out from the data, do the work. I know you got me friend. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Cyclothymia/bipolar I
    DSM diagnoses are designed for two things, streamlining research, and streamlinig treatment. Nothing to do with insurance as some would insinuate, though of course they capitalize on it as the vultures they are (always carrion feeders in nature) They are not designed to pigeonhole, and isolate, and categorize, patients. You are what you are, science is what it is. You are what you are. Track your symptoms, track... Source: over 1 year ago
  • people who took antidepressants before you were diagnosed, how long did it take to kick in ?
    Go about your daily life and use an app such as to track all your symptoms, when you sleep, your routines, goals, intrusive thoughts, anything. Sleep well, eat well, think about the circadian and how you should do things on a schedule. Work out, take a hot bath, shop for whole foods and do good recipes. And let the data reveal it to you, how you are doing. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Question about mania.
    You sound scared. Do your due diligence. Get some data. Start tracking. Look at daylio, or Get some data, then bring that to pdoc. Read some books. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Pattern recognition app/program that will track inputs (what you ate, exercised, supplements, etc) and match with outputs (weight loss, strength/energy gain, fatigue)?
    You can probably find a number of apps that exist already with various features or prices. One app that I’d been using a bit so far, in combination with a huge Excel spreadsheet for nutrition and exercise, is Bearable, which is alright but still has ways to improve I think. It’s also freemium, with access to more specific trends and trend dates requiring a subscription. Source: over 1 year ago
  • SimplyPlural difficultly
    We use the app Bearable! If you have any sort of physical issues, it’s also good to track literally anything that changes day to day or minute to minute (also tracks energy levels and mood). It has free features but the paid sub is cheap (I think I pay ~$25/yr) and imo worth it because it makes everything fully customizable, like we’ve set up categories for alters fronting and conscious by name which we simply... Source: over 1 year ago
  • Is it possible to have the Highs, without the Lows?
    The best thing you can do is a) Write down a short, condensed summary of your past, with key events, and experiences, that you can take to your first appointment. b) Start tracking your mental health now, with an app like or daylio, or on pen an paper. The best thing about the app is it notifies you and you remember to fill it in like however many times a day. Then, that is info you can take to your... Source: over 1 year ago
  • Does anyone else get tired of doctors refusing to listen and only telling you to lose weight?
    Drs don't like when you have pet theories and unfortunately they don't want to hear how things affect you emotionally. It's super tough when you're ill and emotionally fried but being as objective, positive and compliant as possible is a good plan. Bring a list of questions but don't bring your own research - it's a great way to be dismissed out of hand. If you've got a trusted family member or friend,... Source: over 1 year ago
  • Chronic Illness Warriors and people with medical conditions, I need your help 🙏
    My last suggestion for symptom tracking is the Bearable App. It has all the the symptoms you want to track and much more. There is a learning curve with this app, so I recommend doing this on paper until you are ready and then giving the app a try if you think an app would be something you would like to try. Source: over 1 year ago

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