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20 Employee Monitoring Software [2022 Updated List]

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  1. Team time tracker with dynamic screenshots, productivity metrics, and apps & website tracking. Track hours within seconds with Traqq's simple UI and lightweight app.

    freemium $4.9 / Annually (per seat per month)

    Time tracking software on personal laptop about over 1 year ago

    I feel you since I am also working remotely and our company asked me to install Traqq time tracking. I can say that it is ethical as long as the company or even the time tracker you're using has not invaded your security and privacy.
  2. Employee Monitoring Software with Screenshots, Internet, Activity and Time Tracking

    Try for free freemium $4.99 / Monthly

  3. Time Tracking and Time Management Software that is accurate and helps you to get a lot more done each day.

  4. Modern work intelligence

    Try for free paid Free Trial $6.4 / Annually (per employee per month (billed annualy))

    [Windows 7 Laptop] How to gain access? about 3 months ago

    Rather than go down the path of keylogger that could potentially get flagged, if you get to the point where you can install software I would look at installing something such as
  5. Understand how work gets done. Collect logs and screenshots from Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS computers.

  6. Time management software that shows you how you spend your time & provides tools to help you be more productive.

    Ask HN: Increasing Deep Work Tolerance about 11 months ago

    2. It automatically tracks deep work, so I can see daily and week over week improvement. [1]
  7. Simple and free time tracker. Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses as well as freelancers. Unlimited projects and users, unlimited productivity. Get all the premium functionalities, completely free.

    App advice for simple time-tracking plus reporting about 3 months ago

    I use Android, so I don't know what the ios widgets are like, but I use Clockify in almost the exact way that you are describing.
  8. DeskTime is a real-time automatic time tracking software that tracks and analyzes your productivity by sorting the different applications that you or our employees use into the categories “productive”, “unproductive” or “neutral”.

    Finding good software to use at home as a workaholic to... about 12 months ago

    Hey check out an app called I record all the time and in which page you have spend how much time.
  9. TMetric is a user-friendly time tracker for freelancers, agencies, and companies.

    freemium $5.0 / Monthly

  10. Connecteam offers multi-functional team collaboration mobile application for companies that manage on-the-go teams.

    Software to track employee "Chores" that they can mark task... about 3 months ago

    This is what you want. Its also free for under 10 users. I really really liked this tool.
  11. Vericlock is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based timekeeping system that accurately records time and attendance for hourly employees who work off-site.

  12. Personalized HR software for SMBs

  13. Deputy is a software for employee scheduling, time and attendance and communication management.

    Non profit Healthcare clinic looking for self hosted or cheap... about 3 months ago

    A quick search yielded and Not self hosted but seem like they would fit your needs. The latter might cost but I guess you can reach out to them for non-profit discounts perhaps.
  14. Pivotal Tracker: The awesome, lightweight, agile project management tool for software teams. Get your 30-day Free Trial started today!

  15. Simple yet powerful employee work tracker with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports, and more. Understand productivity issues and act on them.


    Dear Project Managers, Stop Micromanagement Now! about 6 months ago

    I remember one particular instance where I was working on a project, and my project manager started to take screenshots of my laptop's screen to check on my progress, using apps like Hubstaff. Every few minutes, like 10 minutes or so, she took screenshots to monitor what I was doing and how I was doing it.
  16. Cloud-based computer monitoring, filtering, and control software for Windows and Mac. Use for parental control in the home and employee monitoring in the workplace.

  17. Monitor employee activity, improve productivity & conduct employee investigations, filter web content and stop insider threats. Works for remote and in-office staff.

  18. Work Examiner is an internet monitoring software for employees, internet usage, and web control.

  19. Computer&Internet employee monitoring cloud-based software allows to track user activities on PC remotely, from any location&device in 100% stealth mode.

    child monitoring software for an MSP owners kid? about 8 months ago

    Depends on what you want to monitor. If you want to track what he is doing without blocking things check:
  20. FlexiServer Employee Management Software is ideal for managers and HR tracking remote employees & monitoring staff productivity, computer use and attendance.