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20 Employee Monitoring Software [2022 Updated List]

Traqq Monitask Time Doctor ActivTrak RescueTime Clockify DeskTime TMetric Connecteam
  1. 1
    Team time tracker with dynamic screenshots, productivity metrics, and apps & website tracking. Track hours within seconds with Traqq's simple UI and lightweight app.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $4.9 / Annually (per seat per month)
    The best way to track your team’s activities is by using a reliable employee monitoring tool like Traqq. This app records the top ten websites and apps that a worker uses during office hours. What’s more, it monitors activity levels based on mouse clicks and keyboard movements. All the while, it promotes ethical time tracking. The screenshots it takes are intentionally blurred to protect employee privacy.

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  2. Employee Monitoring Software with Screenshots, Internet, Activity and Time Tracking
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $4.99 / Monthly
    What’s more, Monitask comes with comprehensive reporting options. Managers can track project progress and identify activities that are eating up too much time. This way, they can streamline workflows and improve inefficient processes.

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  3. Time Tracking and Time Management Software that is accurate and helps you to get a lot more done each day.
    There are several reasons why some people consider Time Doctor to be one of the best employee monitoring software out there. Aside from online timesheets and payroll integration, this app also has an activity tracking feature. So, managers will know if their workers are spending time on YouTube, Facebook, and other non-productive sites.

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  4. #1 Employee monitoring software that gives you unparalleled data about your team’s work habits. Take a deep dive into individual or organisational productivity metrics through real-time or historical data.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $6.4 / Annually (per employee per month (billed annualy))
    If you want employee computer monitoring software that gives you a detailed analysis of your team’s activities, consider using Workpuls. As a result, managers can efficiently schedule tasks. What’s more, it takes random screenshots to give supervisors an idea of what an employee is doing at a given moment.

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  5. Understand how work gets done. Collect logs and screenshots from Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS computers.
    ActivTrak is an employee monitoring app with features that allow managers to analyze worker performance. They can also configure the app to let it operate in stealth mode before deploying it. With this, workers won’t know that they’re being monitored, allowing managers to get an accurate view of their performance.

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  6. Time management software that shows you how you spend your time & provides tools to help you be more productive.
    RescueTime keeps employees focused on completing tasks by blocking distracting websites and apps. Managers can access the recorded productivity data of individuals and entire teams. They can also filter reports based on the time spent on a specific website, task, and application.

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  7. Simple and free time tracker. Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses as well as freelancers. Unlimited projects and users, unlimited productivity. Get all the premium functionalities, completely free.
    • Freemium
    • $3.99 / Monthly ("Add time for others", "Time audit", "Customize export",)
    Clockify also has a calendar feature that lets managers schedule activities and tasks. Now, with the monitoring option, they can compare their employee’s activities to what they were scheduled to do. This way, workers will stay on track with business goals.

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  8. DeskTime is a real-time automatic time tracking software that tracks and analyzes your productivity by sorting the different applications that you or our employees use into the categories “productive”, “unproductive” or “neutral”.
    DeskTime functions as employee computer monitoring software while keeping teams on track with their project budgets. Moreover, managers can use it to ensure that workers are working and taking their necessary breaks.

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  9. TMetric is a user-friendly time tracker for freelancers, agencies, and companies.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $5.0 / Monthly
    At the same time, TMetric provides you with comprehensive productivity monitoring data. This way, you can ensure that you’re paying your workers accurately. Even freelancers and contractors can benefit from this feature because they can access detailed reports of their billable time.

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  10. Connecteam offers multi-functional team collaboration mobile application for companies that manage on-the-go teams.
    Connecteam comes with a collection of employee monitoring features, including attendance management and time tracking. The app allows you to organize and review shift schedules. This way, you can ensure that there are enough hands working on your crucial projects. You can even use the app to send your employees newsletters, announcements, and updates.

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  11. Vericlock is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based timekeeping system that accurately records time and attendance for hourly employees who work off-site.
    VeriClock – This employee monitoring software allows workers to clock in and out via a web browser, smartphone, or even an SMS.

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  12. Personalized HR software for SMBs
    BambooHR – This cloud-based employee monitoring app lets managers onboard new hires, track billable time, and run payroll.

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  13. 13
    Deputy is a software for employee scheduling, time and attendance and communication management.
    Deputy – This tool is an integrated task, time, and schedule management app that helps managers streamline workflows.

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  14. Pivotal Tracker: The awesome, lightweight, agile project management tool for software teams. Get your 30-day Free Trial started today!
    Pivotal Tracker – This employee computer monitoring software also serves as a visual guide for tracking a project’s progress.

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  15. Simple yet powerful employee work tracker with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports, and more. Understand productivity issues and act on them.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    Hubstaff – This app monitors productivity while managing timesheets, billing, and payroll.

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  16. Cloud-based computer monitoring, filtering, and control software for Windows and Mac. Use for parental control in the home and employee monitoring in the workplace.
    SentryPC – As an employee monitoring app, this tool blocks access to distracting websites while logging keystrokes.

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  17. Monitor employee activity, improve productivity & conduct employee investigations, filter web content and stop insider threats. Works for remote and in-office staff.
    InterGuard – Designed to monitor productivity for remote teams, this program works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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  18. Work Examiner is an internet monitoring software for employees, internet usage, and web control.
    Work Examiner – What’s great about this employee computer monitoring software is that users can use it after paying a one-time fee.

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  19. Computer&Internet employee monitoring cloud-based software allows to track user activities on PC remotely, from any location&device in 100% stealth mode.
    Controlio – This cloud-based program monitors and records activities on an employee’s computer.

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  20. FlexiServer Employee Management Software is ideal for managers and HR tracking remote employees & monitoring staff productivity, computer use and attendance.

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