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The 16 Best Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for 2021

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  1. Visually Analyze Any Data at the Speed of Business

  2. Alteryx provides an indispensable and easy-to-use analytics platform for enterprise companies making critical decisions that drive their business strategy and growth.

  3. Anaconda is the leading open data science platform powered by Python.

  4. Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business.‎What is Apache Spark?

    Clickstream data analysis with Databricks and Redpanda about 7 months ago

    Global organizations need a way to process the massive amounts of data they produce for real-time decision making. They often utilize event-streaming tools like Redpanda with stream-processing tools like Databricks for this purpose.
  5. Dataiku is the developer of DSS, the integrated development platform for data professionals to turn raw data into predictions.

  6. Become an AI-Driven Enterprise with Automated Machine Learning

  7. Domino is a data science platform that enables collaborative and reusable analysis of data.

  8. Fast, scalable, and easy-to-use AI offerings including machine learning, video and image analysis, speech recognition, and multi-language processing.

    TensorFlow Is Open-Source, But Why? about 3 months ago

    Second, TensorFlow services on GCP should be super easy to use. However, on the AI & ML page of the GCP website, there is only one dedicated product for TensorFlow, which is the TensorFlow Enterprise. None of the rest of the products even mention TensorFlow as a promotion.
  9. H2O is an open source, in-memory, distributed, fast, and scalable machine learning and predictive...

  10. Learn more about Watson Studio. Increase productivity by giving your team a single environment to work with the best of open source and IBM software, to build and deploy an AI solution.

  11. Predictive Analytics

  12. A high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming

  13. Build and deploy machine learning models in a simplified way with Azure Machine Learning service. Make machine learning more accessible with automated capabilities.

    Databricks 2022 vs Databricks 2025 about 12 months ago:

    I'm biased, but giving my honest personal opinion here, I think this sounds like a bad idea. I'm not optimistic about Databricks long term. They are a data prep company masquerading as a data science company. Nothing wrong with that, but Spark resources are expensive compared with SQL, and they are at risk from all fronts (Cloud providers, Snowflake, AI/ML platform players, etc.). I see their Databricks controlled...
  14. RapidMiner is a software platform for data science teams that unites data prep, machine learning, and predictive model deployment.

    I need help lol about 23 days ago

    RapidMiner: A data science platform that offers an automated EDA process, including data preprocessing, visualization, and analysis.
  15. With SAS you are part of a community experiencing easy, joyful and reliable services delivered the Scandinavian way

  16. Data science is a team sport. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, business users, and developers need flexible and extensible tools that promote collaboration, automation, and...