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Top 20 Best Automation Testing Tools in 2018 (Comprehensive List)

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  1. Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that.

    Document Object Model Specification about 3 months ago

    The following functions are defined within the Selenium project, at revision 1721e627e3b5ab90a06e82df1b088a33a8d11c20.
  2. TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.

    Looking for OS automation software about 6 months ago

    SmartBear TestComplete and Ranorex both offer 30-day free trials to try them out. Their suites make it easy to automate desktop apps, but licensing is expensive. Part of what you pay for is being able to write "codeless" tests by recording your mouse and keyboard activity and validating whatever you want on the app.
  3. QMA

    QMetry Automation Studio

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  4. T

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  5. HPE


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  6. TS

    Test Studio

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  7. Built on the top of Selenium and Appium, Katalon Studio is a free and powerful automated testing tool for web testing, mobile testing, and API testing.

  8. Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework for testing of desktop, web-based and mobile applications.

    Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation about 9 months ago

    Probably a bit of overkill and maybe to expensive for your needs.... But maybe Ranorex works for you?
  9. Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native and hybrid mobile apps.

    What is an application performance monitoring tool, and why... about 3 months ago

    Appium is an open-source tool to automate native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. The cross-platform tool is in massive demand as more people are focused on mobile apps. For example, people converting their website into a mobile app can also use it to verify if the app exhibits native app behavior. In addition, Appium uses mobile JSON wire protocol to drive native, mobile web, and hybrid apps.
  10. The world's leading Android™ test automation framework

  11. Cucumber is a BDD tool for specification of application features and user scenarios in plain text.

    Does Django have BDD testing tools comparable to Rails'... about 4 months ago:

    Ruby/Rails enjoy some really nice and powerful Behavior Driven Design/Development testing frameworks like Cucumber and RSpec.
  12. eggPlant software testing tool can validate and verify applications across OS, browsers and devices...

  13. SilkTest® is a cost-effective, powerful tool for automated function and regression testing...

  14. Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. It facilitates the writing of automated tests by mimicking the behavior of a user interacting with a website. CommunityWatir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby.

    What is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and How to Perform It Well about 2 months ago

    Watir : It is toolkit used to automate browser-based tests during User acceptance testing. Ruby is the programming language used for inter-process communication between ruby and Internet Explorer.
  15. Test mobile or web apps instantly across 700+ browser/OS/device platform combinations - without infrastructure setup.

    Rest Assured Framework with Junit5 about about 1 month ago

    We're using the free tier of Sauce Labs API Testing and that's working well for us so far. We tried Postman but that simply isn't an automation platform, and we din't want to build a whole RA stack ourselves since the API program is fairly light so far.
  16. Sahi Pro is a Test Automation tool that helps businesses increase the productivity of their QA teams.

  17. Sikuli Script

  18. Apache JMeter™.

    Java naming facts about 6 months ago

    Before Jakarta EE there was Apache Jakarta which was effectively the group name for Java based projects within the Apache project.
  19. BlazeMeter is a self- service performance load testing cloud tool

  20. Micro Focus LoadRunner is the number one load testing tool for project teams.