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The Best Employee Recognition Software Platforms & Reward Programs Used By Notable Companies In 2022

Nectar Assembly Bonusly Kazoo Motivosity Runa Awardco Guusto Blueboard
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    Bring your unsung heroes to light through more frequent, timely and meaningful recognition at work.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $2.5 / Monthly (per ACTIVE user)
    Nectar helps organizations celebrate great work – anytime, anywhere. Its top-rated 360 recognition & rewards platform for companies enables every team member (peer to peer & manager to employees alike) to send meaningful recognition rooted in core values. Streamline your incentives and maintain a connected culture regardless of whether your workforce is centralized or distributed.

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  2. Assembly is an employee recognition software powered by AI that boosts engagement and productivity. Empower teams with peer-to-peer recognition, rewards, and performance tracking. Simplify HR processes and foster a positive workplace culture.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    Assembly is a peer-to-peer employee recognition, rewards, and engagement software that’s designed to boost internal culture and retention. Assembly has helped thousands of companies achieve 95% employee engagement through fun and seamless workflows. Assembly works great for teams of all sizes and is FREE for up to 10 users.

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  3. Recognition and rewards that make work fun
    Bonusly is an online platform for rewarding, recognizing, and generally celebrating awesome employees. It enables everyone to recognize anyone. Peers can recognize each other, managers can recognize direct reports, and so on and so forth. (The good vibes are basically endless.)

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  4. 4
    Your secret weapon in the war for talent. Kazoo helps you create a strong, connected culture that attracts and keeps the best and brightest.
    Kazoo is the all-in-one employee experience platform that connects employee recognition and rewards with continuous performance management to create an amazing employee experience. By bringing Recognition, Rewards, Incentives, Goals & OKRs, Conversations, and Feedback into one place, Kazoo motivates employees to grow and develop — and love doing it.

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  5. Peer-to-peer recognition platform that engages employees
    “Motivosity allows the people in my department to give and receive thanks/recognition for individual and group contributions. It’s a versatile tool. I like how my organization has been able to tweak the user interface so that we can offer kudos according to our six company values (Service, Professionalism, Leadership, Innovation, Community, and Excellence). I like the Badges capability, although we don’t use it as much as we could. The Interests and Personality widgets add a even more usefulness. I also appreciate the option to send the recognition in a public or private message.”

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  6. 6
    Instant, scalable digital rewards. Recognize, retain, and reimburse the people you care about
    “I have used WeGift on several occasions through employee offers. It is a simple process and great value. It is easy to buy gift cards and to exchange for goods or give as a present. It is delivered by email. I have also had to contact the customer services department for an error on my part. They resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”

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  7. Rewards & recognition platform to drive employee engagement
    Awardco offers a huge selection of employee rewards designed to make recognition, appreciation, and celebration a staple of your company culture. They also created a seamless integration with Amazon Business which means the potential employee rewards will make your head spin. Perfect for finding that right gift or experience based on your individual employees’ interests.

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  8. 8
    Guusto is an easy-to-go and straightforward platform that helps companies to build their employee recognition and customer reward programs.
    As a top-rated employee recognition software on G2 and Capterra, Guusto helps leaders to recognize great work and shape amazing culture through modern service awards and real-time recognition programs. Companies can assign budgets, send gift cards, and track all gifting initiatives from a helpful command center. Guusto also partners with the One Drop Foundation to donate one day of clean drinking water for every gift sent!

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  9. Blueboard is the experiential employee rewards software platform for the modern workplace. Deliver personalized employee recognition at scale, boost employee engagement.
    “Great customer service. Fast, friendly account managers. Makes it very easy. We simply send the reward and Blueboard takes care of everything else. If you’re doing a big batch of rewards at the same time, Blueboard can help with a bulk import.”

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  10. Build a winning culture.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $2.5 (per employee, per month)
    Empuls has features for workplace intranet and communication, social rewards and recognition programs, employee lifecycle surveys and employee wellness – all in one place. This recognition app helps organizations put a cap on employee absenteeism and attrition, improve productivity, manager effectiveness, and team motivation.

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  11. 11
    Fond employee engagement platform helps companies increase employee happiness with recognition, rewards, perks and survey programs to maximize impact..
    Fond makes company-wide recognition easier than ever. With a social feed that can be accessed from any device, any time, anywhere, this employee reward system supports virtual, global recognition for diverse teams. Plus, users have access to a massive catalogue of rewards and exclusive discounts all over the world.

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  12. Customize and send bulk gift cards that let your recipients choose between 200+ popular brands. Both digital & physical delivery available.
    Pricing options: Giftogram charges no monthly fees and their classic Giftogram gift cards carry no cost. Visit the Giftogram pricing page for details

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  13. Bucketlist is an employee recognition and rewards platform and app that can be customized to your unique business needs, to help keep employees engaged.
    Bucketlist is a reward program for the business looking to craft their company culture around rewards that employees will connect with. Rather than offer just one type of reward via gifts, redeemable points, or experiences — Bucketlist is committed to offering a variety of awards to help employees feel great about their contribution to the company.

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  14. Personalized Art That Tells Your Story
    Tellinga makes story-centric greeting cards, each one as unique as each one of your employees. This remote work software is perfect if you’re looking for sentimental gifts that employees will cherish. Tellinga will take your story and photos and turn them into illustrated masterpieces.

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  15. 15
    Create stronger, happier teams that people love
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $3.0 / Monthly

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  16. Give recognition that lasts a lifetime. Fun, easy, and free.
    Preciate’s model is based on what they call Culture Nirvana,™ the balance between cognitive culture and emotional culture. This staff recognition app helps companies find and recalibrate any out-of-balance culture touchpoints.

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  17. 17
    Bonfyre is one of the top employee engagement apps & programs for companies & teams.
    Bonfyre is a one-touch platform for communications, recognition, idea exchange, and even event management. By giving employees what they need to connect, Bonfyre aims to enhance the holistic employee experience.

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  18. NOTE: has been discontinued.
    Bravo is an employee recognition software, helping timely and contextual recognition, boosting employee productivity and morale. Try a free demo Now!

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  19. Boost employee engagement by simplifying and uniting communications, recognition, perks and more in one easy-to-use employee engagement platform.
    The Reward Gateway platform helps companies incentivize positive behaviors with the aim of cultivating long-term business growth and solid relationships. By facilitating behavior-based awards, Reward Gateway empowers employees to better understand company values and expectations.

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  20. The one-stop cloud-based employee engagement platform.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    Pricing options: Vantage Circle offers a free trial and 3 paid version plans. For any further details, visit the Vantage Circle pricing page.

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  21. 21
    Used to post and verify educational credentials
    Credly is a digital credentialing platform companies can use to celebrate employees for their demonstrated skills and talents. Teams can create their own digital credentials and then start recognizing employees who achieve them.

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