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How to Scrape and Export Products Data from Aliexpress

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  1. Scrapy | A Fast and Powerful Scraping and Web Crawling Framework

    If you have coding experience or talent at your disposal then you may also consider writing custom scripts for scraping Aliexpress. You can use Python-based frameworks like BeautifulSoup, Requests, Scrapy, or NodeJs-based frameworks like Puppeteer and Cheerio.
  2. Octoparse provides easy web scraping for anyone. Our advanced web crawler, allows users to turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks.

    These are no-code solutions for scraping websites. You don’t need any technical knowledge to scrape Aliexpress using these tools. Using advanced AI-powered click and scrape tools, you can get started scraping within seconds either locally or in the cloud. Choosing a good scraping tool can save you lots of money and time as well.