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First year student from a Tier 3 college. How do you overcome the disappointment or this feeling where you have no self confidence left that comes with not qualifying in major entrance exams.

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  1. The Topcoder home page has received a slick new makeover that lets new customers quckly login, discover the power of our community, and launch challenges.

  2. Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will...

  3. Practice and level up your development skills and prepare for technical interviews.

  4. Kaggle offers innovative business results and solutions to companies.

  5. HackerRank is a platform that allows companies to conduct interviews remotely to hire developers and for technical assessment purposes.

  6. HackerEarth is the network of top developers across the world. They connect to start-ups, tech companies, organizations and discover the best developer jobs. They participate in programming challenges and compete against other top developers.

  7. Fight Code is a game where you use your skills to code your own robots using JavaScript, challenge...

  8. Codility provides a SaaS platform with advanced validation, security and protection features to evaluate the skills of software engineers.

  9. Coderbyte is a place built for anyone to practice and perfect their programming skills.

  10. Programming competitions and contests, programming community.

  11. CodeChef is a not-for-profit educational initiative by Directi, an Indian software company. It is a global programming community that fosters learning and friendly competition, built on top of the worldโ€™s largest competitive programming platform.

  12. Programming problems to practice and learn for beginners

  13. Brilliant - Understand concepts and build your problem solving skills with thousands of free problems and examples in math, science, and engineering.