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  1. is a online notepad which allows you to save your text in the cloud with features like

  2. Free and anonymous online notepad link that you can share & customize!


  3. Beautiful notes, powering your projects

    Is there a markdown equivalent to google docs? about over 1 year ago:

    Shameless plug, but my team built Portway to have such a tool for ourselves:
  4. AI-generated summaries for any article or research paper.

    Looking for feedback on making a literature review template... about 9 months ago

    Your suggestions makes me think of though (AI-powered research article summaries), maybe worth checking out. I paid for it when I was writing my honours thesis but it's way too $$ for me as a regular tool.
  5. A note-taking tool for networked thought

    A digital life… recommendations? about 2 days ago:

    Use a central note taking system — pick a note taking app that you like and use it to start tracking notes about everything. Apple notes, Notion, and Roam are all great options.
  6. TN

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  7. Write ideas down as fast as they come up.

  8. A second brain, for you, forever. Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.

    What tool(s) to write down a one shot? about about 9 hours ago

    Https:// is a nice GM Note taking tool which will take code formatting similar to the above two tools. (a good resource for learning Obsidian and it's tools
  9. Flexible notes and tasks, built by productivity enthusiasts.

    Newbie here. Want to build a second brain but I'm confused.... about 5 months ago

    Keep it simple, don't think too much, make your own second brain and improve it overtime. I personally use Amplenote , tried Notion but failed many times, it just requires too much energy to architect everything and the app is not mobile friendly as of today.
  10. The most beautiful note-taking app across devices.


  11. Capture notes, share them with others, and access them from your computer, phone or tablet. Free with a Google account.

  12. A better way to organize team documents

    Data Encryption & Search about 29 days ago

    There’s another service I’ve tried called NoteJoy that might be what you’re looking for. It’s not on the same level of Evernote, but it’s also catching up. They can do note creation of emails, and they offer end-to-end encryption, but their mobile clipping kinda sucks, and they don’t support tables (yet), but those are features planned for 2023. They’re also on my shortlist of possible alternatives.