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Ask HN: Web frameworks – which less popular framework are you using and why?

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  1. Home Page. Let's create the home page displaying your recent posts. Before we start, you should know at least some basics about Model-View-Presenter design pattern (similar to MVC ):. Model – data manipulation layer.

  2. A Fully Baked PHP Framework

    It's been a long time since I wrote any PHP in anger but back when I did, I got a ton of mileage out of CodeIgniter ( It looks like it's still around and being actively maintained. I can quite clearly remember a number of projects that went from being just an idea to 90% functional in the span of an evening. I write Python almost exclusively now, but still pine for something like...
  3. ⚡️ Express inspired web framework written in Go. Contribute to gofiber/fiber development by creating an account on GitHub.

  4. The Rapid Development Framework for PHP

    Firefox doesn't show the Reader icon (right of the url bar). If trying to force reader mode with
  5. Django Ninja - Django REST framework with high performance, easy to learn, fast to code.

    I've used a variety of Python frameworks, DJango, FLask, FastAPI, and I'm always coming back to DJango and wishing I had just used it from the beginning. Django Ninja brings some of the nice features of FastAPI to Django-