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The 4 Best Alternatives to Google Translate

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  1. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

    Mighty Empire of "Hayde" about about 14 hours ago

    Still, I do not want my post to be removed again so I share some links. 1- 2- 3- (comment section) 4- (comment section) And I can not show my confirmations from my friends over those countries due to being private messages. Here I can...
  2. DeepL Translator is a machine translator that currently supports 42 language combinations.

    A bug when the panel with "Cinnamenu" and "Menu" is placed on... about 20 days ago

    I suggest you to explain the problem in your words (and native language) and translate it in english with
  3. Reverso Context Translation is an artificial intelligence-based language tool that provides translation assistance and other interpretive services with online neural machine translation, contextual dictionaries, bilingual concordances, grammar, spel…

    Can a Catholic farmer practice Biodynamic farming? about over 1 year ago

    I recommend the translation website
  4. Microsoft Translator is your door to a wider world.

    How can I get subtitles or some kind of translation into... about 25 days ago

    Do you have access to Microsoft products? They have an appthat students can add to a device that will translate your spoken words into text (you have to have the app or website open as well). There are several other Microsoft translation tools that would also work in different ways, which you may be able to use without a Microsoft license. Google’s translation tools are not as well integrated.
  5. Yandex.Translate is an online dictionary and translation solution.

    Vocabulary about 4 days ago

    In that kind of situation, I try to look at several usage examples (either using, or reverso) and try to see in which context the word is used. Then, instead of using the "generic" word, I write in anki a definition based on my understanding of the word. With verbs, I also often add "keywords" with which the verb can be used (and of with what preposition/case it is used). Here...