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27 Best Free File Copy Software For Windows

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  1. TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user with a lot of features.

  2. MiniCopier is a multi-platform graphical copy manager.

  3. FastCopy is the fastest copy, delete, & sync software on Windows.

  4. SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features: Transfer resuming, transfer...

    HDD problems about over 1 year ago

    This is where ultracopier and Unstoppable copier will be handy.
  5. the open source, free file copy utility that is: fast, highly customizable

  6. save much time for your copy file routine with extremecopy

  7. This is a file copier, like TeraCopy, FastCopy, etc. That is its first and foremost function.

  8. USR

    Utility Spotlight RichCopy

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  9. Download Supercopier 4 which is free and open source software licensed under GPL3 that acts as a replacement for files copy dialogs. Main features include: play/pause, speed limitation, on-error resume, error/collision management .

  10. QCopy is a file copier designed to assist the user in copying files to or from network locations...

  11. NiceCopier is a simple, easy-to-use and handy instrument designed to replace the ...

  12. GUI for ...

  13. Simple, free, set and forget, copy utility.

  14. SchizoCopy is a software application for Microsoft Windows that is designed to be used to move or...

  15. FC

    File Copy

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  16. Program for copy files by network.

  17. FFC

    Fast File Copy

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  18. Download FF Copy for Windows to copy or move files in bulk on your Windows networks environment.

  19. XCOPY is a command used on PC DOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, Microsoft Windows, and related operating systems...

  20. IFC

    Iman File Copier

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  21. FCP

    Fast Copy Paste

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  22. WinMend File Copy is a free and excellent batch file copy tool.

  23. PerigeeCopy has been specifically created to address annoyances with Windows Explorer's...

    Share your greatest free tools about about 1 year ago:

    PerigeeCopy - Great copy / paste utility. Allows you to automatically rename files if you're copying or moving files.
  24. Bit Copier is an alternative to the windows copier.

  25. WinRoboCopy is a GUI front end for RoboCopy.

  26. FCU

    File Copy Utility

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  27. n


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