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10 CrystalDiskInfo Alternatives

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  1. CrystalDiskInfo. A HDD/SSD utility software which supports a part of USB connection and Intel RAID. >> Download. Intel RAID (IRST). IRST 11.

    32 GB of Corsair Vengeance 3600 ram unstable XMP about about 5 hours ago:

    HWinfo is a fantastic general system info software. GPUz or MSI Afterburner are good for GPU specific monitoring. AMD and NVidia have their own monitoring software as well (Adrenalin and GeForce Experience respectively). For system drives Crystal Disk Info and Crystal Disk Mark.
  2. Comet is advanced backup software for MSPs, IT Companies and Backup Providers.

    Starting out as an MSP about about 2 months ago

    Https:// they even have a free trial you can play around with.
  3. DiskGenius provides an all-in-one solution for data recovery, disk partition management and backup & restore for Windows PCs, Servers and workstations.

    Simplest way in 2022 to clone a full windows installation (on... about about 1 year ago

    DiskGenius is free, relatively easy to use software that can clone your current Windows install to a secondary drive. There's a 'System Migration' function that will properly set up all the boot information as needed, as well as clone all your data.
  4. Pc-Check will scan for errors in all hardware components on the computer it is being deployed on...

  5. SeaTools - Quick diagnostic tool that checks the health of your drive.

  6.  DiskFresh is a simple yet powerful tool that can refresh your hard disk signal without...

  7. Main objective of DRevitalize is to diagnose and repair magnetic media

    Linux says bad sectors , windows and seagate says everything... about about 2 months ago

    I believe the link is also in that thread, but that person ended up using this program:
  8. HDAT2 is program for test or diagnostics of ATA/ATAPI/SATA, SSD and SCSI/USB devices.

  9. SpinRite is computer software for scanning data storage devices such as hard disk, recovering data from them and refreshing their surface.

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  11. HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives.