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Top 10 Site Search Software Tools & Plugins for 2022

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  1. Instant Search for your Website | AddSearch - Add Instant Search to Your Website

  2. Algolia's Search API makes it easy to deliver a great search experience in your apps & websites. Algolia Search provides hosted full-text, numerical, faceted and geolocalized search.

    How to prevent words from splitting into multiple lines? about 10 months ago

    Unrelated, but that looks like the buttons that algolia's website uses.
  3. Amazon CloudSearch is a fully-managed service in the cloud that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your website.

    How Should I Build a Search Bar about about 1 year ago

    TL;DR: Dynamo is "bad" for searching. Use something else ( Elastic, CloudSearch ) if you don't know what you're doing.
  4. Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed, RESTful search engine.

    Creating a modern, SaaS website.. what am I missing? about about 1 month ago

    I can't figure out where I have to go to get more or less of a custom, premium website. I should mention that I look up to websites like for example, would be very happy with something like that. I could really use some guidance!
  5. The simplest way to add search to your website or application. Sign up for free.

  6. Add search and discovery powered by machine learning to your website, e-commerce store, or app in minutes. Fully-hosted, free 14-day trial.

    Getting binary back? about 5 months ago

    Are there any petitions or GoFundMes to get binary back up and running? Honestly a great site for prep and made the LC grind a lot more fun.
  7. The simple way to create a great search experience for your users and your team.

  8. Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on Lucene search library, with XML/HTTP and...

    'google-like' search engine for files on my NAS about 3 months ago

    If so, then can be a solution, though there's a bit of setup involved. Oh yea, you get to write your own "search interface" too which would end up calling solr's api to find stuff.
  9. Site Search 360 enhances and improves your built-in CMS or product search with autocompletion, semantic search, filters, facets, detailed analytics, and a whole lot of customization options.

    freemium $9.0 / Monthly ("1,500 pages/products", "2,000 monthly searches")

  10. AI-powered search for customer support & e-commerce