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30 Best GIS Software Applications [Rankings]

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  1. Explore ArcGIS Pro resources such as tutorials, videos, documentation, instructor-led classes & more. Find answers, build expertise and connect with the ArcGIS Pro community.

  2. QGIS is a desktop geographic information system, or GIS.

  3. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free, downloadable GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information.

    Opening MXD files for free about 10 months ago

    You need ArcGIS Desktop to open MXDs but if they can export a PMF you can use ArcGIS Explorer.
  4. GeoMedia, a comprehensive and dynamic GIS software, extracts compelling intelligence from geospatial data to present actionable information.

  5. Award-winning desktop mapping and spatial analytics software, carefully crafted and enhanced in collaboration with users like you.

  6. Convert GIS file to CAD, KML technology and other spatial data conversion from Safe Software.

  7. Blue Marble's GIS software and training are used worldwide by GIS professionals who need affordable, powerful, and easy GIS mapping solutions.

  8. gvSIG Mini Maps allows you to browse and navigate with GPS a full set of free on/offline maps from...

  9. GRASS GIS is a free Geographic Information System (GIS) software used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization.


    GIS Developer career path about about 2 months ago:

    Outside of personal experience, based on second-hand insight: GRASS is an extremely powerful tool, if you're not familiar with it already, and you can use it from the CLI and from Python. If you'd like to step out of Python at some point, I hear Java is used a lot for enterprise GIS, while Julia looks like the language of the future (especially now with JuliaGeo), but that still remains to be seen.
  10. Whitebox GAT is an open-source, cross-platform GIS-based software package that is intended for advanced geospatial analysis and data visualization in research and education.

  11. Cadcorp SIS is an integrated family of geospatial products comprising desktop, web and developer products that has been designed to meet the needs of end users and application developers alike, for use in all phases of spatial data management - from…

  12. GE's Grid Solutions business serves customers globally with over 17,000 employees in approximately 80 countries.

  13. Manifold GIS is a combination of mapping, CAD, DBMS and image processing.

    Unable to Georeference a .tiff file (Historical Aerial Imagery) about 1 day ago

    Use Manifold. Georeferencing in Manifold is lots easier with less to go wrong. There are videos on that linked page that do an apples to apples comparison to the Esri ArcUser example for how to georeference a drone photo in ArcGIS Pro.
  14. Maptitude is a mapping software that is fitted with GIS features that avail maps and other forms of data regarding the surrounding geographical areas. Read more about Maptitude.

  15. GIS mapping and data editing application with built-in scripting environment and Free viewer

  16. AutoCAD Map 3D software provides access to GIS and mapping data to support planning, design, and data management.

  17. GoldenSoftware Surfer is full-function weather forecasting software that offers 2D or 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis mostly used by scientists or engineers.

  18. ‘Cos open source can be even bigger

  19. SAGA - System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses - is a Geographic Information System (GIS)...

  20. GeoDa is a GIS-based software that provides a user-friendly and graphical interface to methods of exploratory spatial data analysis to conduct visualization, spatial analysis, spatial modeling, and spatial auto-correction.

  21. Bentley Map is an engineering-accurate, 2D/3D desktop GIS that provides infrastructure professionals with the right geospatial tools to create, maintain, analyze and share spatial information.

  22. TerrSet system incorporates the IDRISI GIS Analysis and IDRISI Image Processing tools along with a constellation of vertical applications.

  23. MicroImages is the development team behind TNTgis software. We work with consultants, resellers and clients to offer geospatial mapping support. Call us now!

  24. MapWindow is a fully free and open source geographic information system project.

  25. uDig is a desktop geographic information service (GIS) development platform. It was created by Refractions Research, which has been churning out GIS-related software since 1998. Read more about uDig.

  26. OpenJUMP is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) written in the Java programming...

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  28. OrbisGIS is a cross-platform open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) created by research and for research.

  29. Diva GIS is a geographic data analysis and mapping program based on GIS.