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Best Inventory Management Software of 2020

Acctivate Cin7 Clear Spider ecomdash EZOfficeInventory Fishbowl inFlow Inventory Katana MRP Kechie Lightspeed
  1. Acctivate is an inventory management software solution.
    Acctivate is a program specifically created to provide a robust inventory management system to businesses for which Quickbooks’ basic functions are no longer enough, but which want to remain with the popular program for accounting. Acctivate integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks while providing purchasing, order management and business analytics capabilities simply and at an affordable price.

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  2. 2
    Cin7 allows retailers to manage all their sales channels, inventory, point of sale and supply chain in one central, cloud-based software.
    By facilitating over 450 integrations, Cin7 connects users to services, platforms and sales channels that provide real time views of sales, purchase, and stock level data. Users can track incoming stock, component stock, stock-on-hand, open-to-sell, on-hold/reserved inventory, and faulty stock. The system provides granular product management capabilities, including batch and serial number control, batch traceability, color-size variation, and stock allocation. Cin7 also includes a POS feature that can transmit and update inventory information via mobile devices.

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  3. Cloud based inventory, warehouse & shipping management
    Pros & Cons of Clear Spider Software Clear Spider cloud-based software requires no hardware or software installation with customizable features and a centralized database that make it easy to use and set up. Though, it doesn’t have the ability to create customized reports like some other available software.

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  4. An easy-to-use inventory management software enabling small business to automatically sync inventory across sales channels - from one centralized software (SaaS).
    Pros & Cons of ecomdash Software ecomdash empowers online retailers by providing multi-channel inventory that syncs in real-time, preventing overselling of products and allowing immediate adjustments to stock. The system’s multiple features can be overwhelming and hard to learn, but the ability to manage orders and monitor inventory in multiple online selling points makes the challenge and cost well worth it.

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  5. Web based Asset Tracking Software
    Pros & Cons of EZOfficeInventory Software EZOfficeInventory significantly cuts the time and effort involved in tracking company assets, as well as keeping up-to-date on maintenance. Every item across multiple locations is assigned its own log from the time of purchase to the time that it is no longer in service, and can be either barcoded or QR coded for scanning. Reports are comprehensive, photo identification is helpful, time savings are worth the effort needed to learn the system.

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  6. Fishbowl helps restaurants optimize their marketing, strategy, and revenue management through guest analytics software​.
    What Customers Are Saying “Fishbowl Management software has offered our team a complete supply chain management and physical sales tracking system in one convenient system. Our team found both the ease of use and relative ease of integration to be among the most attractive components of Fishbowl. With Fishbowl we can organize warehouse parts inventory, print labels, and organize purchase orders which organizes our supply side. Fishbowl’s sales side module allows for effective tracking of lead times as well as sales item forecasting so we are never behind on available inventory. At this time, Fishbowl Manufacturing software requires the use of a server which we had to supply. This requirement may not suit all smaller companies.”

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  7. inFlow Inventory is inventory management software for small businesses.
    Pros & Cons of inFlow Software InFlow’s features provide almost everything that a small business needs to improve their inventory management. Users particularly appreciate the pricing structure, the user interface and easy search, and the fact that it tracks through the entire workflow process. However, for more robust functionality like kitting and work orders, you need to use the desktop app, which only works on Windows.

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  8. Katana Cloud Inventory gives you a live look at all the moving parts of your business — sales, inventory, and beyond. Combining a visual interface and smart real-time master planner, Katana makes managing inventory and manufacturing intuitive.
    • Paid
    • $179.0 / Monthly (per month billed annually.)

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  9. 9
    Enterprise resource planning & inventory management
    • Paid
    What Customers Are Saying “We are a small to medium size company that is very quickly growing to a large company. We needed a solution to seamlessly tie all facets of our operations together. We evaluated numerous solutions to our problem and our management team decided that Kechie/MyOfficeApps was our go forward partner. We have implemented Kechie and it has helped us to almost double our business, without additional headcount. It has provided us a tool to develop business processes that in the past were highly manual and time consuming.”

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  10. retail and restaurant point-of-sale, ecommerce, and omnichannel solution
    Pros & Cons of Lightspeed POS Software Lightspeed is easy to set up and provides almost instant improvement to the way businesses manage and track their inventory, sales, customer, and employee data. It is cloud based so that users can access or input information from anywhere that they are online, and it integrates easily with ecommerce platforms and other business applications. There are a few functions that clients would still like to see added and an unfortunate number of bugs that need to be addressed, but the software gets high praise overall, and so does their customer support.

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  11. Cloud-based ERP software.
    Pros & Cons of NetSuite ERP Software Netsuite ERP is fast, effective, and efficient. It introduces automation to purchase orders, invoices and reports, provides tracking that keeps people accountable and provides everybody in the organization with access to the information that they need in real time. This cuts down on time-wasting correspondence and inquiries. The system stores documents like invoices, cutting down on paperwork, and the fact that it is cloud based makes all of its functions available from anywhere, on any device. Customer service is great, which is important because there is a lot to learn. Also, customization is available, but not as simple as it seems.

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  12. Integrate & Automate Order, Shipping and Inventory Management. Sign Up for FREE 15 Days Subscription.
    What Customers Are Saying “Orderhive allows us to integrate almost everything with almost everything. Probably the best feature of Orderhive is the least tangible or measureable: the staff. The customer service I have received has been outstanding thus far. The team is knowledgeable and transparent and will always at least try to help you get to where you need to be. The automations are our other most liked feature. The ability to set rules based actions, create auto invoices, send emails when something happens, move orders around automatically is great.”

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  13. 13
    Web-based order management, purchasing management & inventory management for Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart & Shopsite e-commerce merchants & more.
    What Customers Are Saying “Overall, Ordoro is the best program out there for your growing business, it allows growth through dropshipping, in-house shipping, it also uses a dashboard to keep track of daily sales, shipping costs, total orders, monthly sales, and the most sold item. Ordoro is also a work in progress and the staff is very open to hearing new ideas that can help with streamlining your business process. I would recommend Ordoro to every ecommerce business out there, whether small or large Ordoro saves you and your employees time.”

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  14. Primaseller is the complete Multi-Channel Inventory and Order Management Software for Retail Stores as well as Online Channels. Start your free trial today!
    What Customers Are Saying “Primaseller’s software has so many features to enable the smooth running of our company after searching everywhere for a software package that can communicate with Woo-Commerce, Quickbooks, and our shipping company etc, Primaseller most certainly ticks all of the boxes! Previously we had disjointed processes and now we can link to all of our packages which has led to the reduction in the work load significantly leaving us time to concentrate on new projects to expand our company.”

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  15. Best Online Accounting Software for small business in India. Includes easy tools to Create Invoices, Track Expenses, Process Payroll, Manage Inventory and Taxes.
    What Customers Are Saying “Profitbooks is the best inventory and stock management system for small to medium size businesses. Using Profitbooks you can easily manage multiple numbers of inventories and warehouses in a single place. Profitbooks offers you the ability to manage employees and run payroll in minutes as well as providing HR management tools that monitor employee leave and salary management. Employees can individually manage their leave request, time sheets and tasks and view their basic contact and bank details and salary details etc. I highly recommended Profitbooks.”

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  16. QuickBooks Enterprise lets manage business from end to end with ease.
    What Customers Are Saying “QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions works well if you are a company that buys and sells products. It is great at keeping track of quantities remaining from previous purchases and time periods, adding new inventory purchased, and subtracting inventory sold. We have grown as an organization and have not had any issue with scalability of the product.”

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  17. Stitch's powerful inventory management solution gives you the control and power you need to increase sales.
    Stitch Labs is an operations management solution that allows multi-channel ecommerce operations to work from a single platform that provides control over inventory and orders. The goal is to streamline and automate the process and to provide invaluable insights by centralizing inventory information across channels and locations in real time. The end result is higher margins, reductions in manual inventory-related tasks, more effective purchasing and restocking and more effective sales.

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  18. TradeGecko (now QuickBooks Commerce) is inventory management software for ecommerce and wholesalers - simplify your inventory & order operations with powerful inventory management, multichannel selling, inventory reports and more!
    Pros & Cons of TradeGecko Software TradeGecko’s software receives consistently high marks for its features, functionality, ease of navigation, and overall impact on business operations. The company is also praised for issuing frequent updates of documentation.

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  19. 19
    Vend’s point of sale system, inventory management, and iPad POS software is used by thousands of retailers worldwide. Try our POS system free today.
    What Customers Are Saying “Overall, it’s a complete suite of features designed for both large corporations and small businessmen like me. On top of using this as a point of sale software, I also use Vendhq to peek into the behavior of my customers as well as the state of my inventories. Through Vendhq, I’ve managed to pinpoint the best inventory combination for me to smoothly operate. I think that there is still room for improvement with Vendhq. For starters, it could add functionality for processing payments so it can take the load off the user.”

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  20. Zoho Inventory is an online inventory management software ideal for small businesses. Simplify your inventory and order operations. Try for FREE!
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $39.0 / Monthly (500 orders, 1 Warehouse, 2 Users.)
    Pros & Cons of Zoho Inventory Software Zoho Inventory’s obvious advantage is its integration with the rest of Zoho’s mature family of business software. As a standalone it is particularly helpful for small-to-medium retail operations but may fail short for manufacturing operations or large businesses. It is easy to navigate and learn, is affordable, and has strong e-commerce capabilities.

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