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Build a full-stack Jamstack Application

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. The Collaboration Platform for API Development

    Try using Postman or something similar to test these endpoints. If you run into any problems, compare with the code snippet provided or try troubleshooting using the internet.
  2. A small framework for server-rendered universal JavaScript apps

    Next.js is a React framework that extends the amazing powers of React for creating multiple page apps easily. Without using any backend frameworks like Express, you may use Next.js and its serverless functions to develop your app's frontend and backend.
  3. Cloud Video Management Solution, Made For & By Developers

    Cloudinary is a cloud media management platform where you'll upload photos of your scrapbook.
  4. Simple, modular and accessible UI components for your React applications.


    Chakra-UI provides a plethora of stylish and accessible react components for styling your web application.
  5. Auth0 is a program for people to get authentication and authorization services for their own business use.

    If you are already an Auth0 user login to your account or create a free one today. Create a new Regular web application. You'll use the auth0-next.js sdk to connect Auth0 with your application. Select Next.js when it asks what technology you're using. The following secrets are required to configure Auth0 with your Next.js application. Go to the Settings tab and add the new Auth0 secrets to the .env file.
  6. Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.

    You'll be using Airtable as a database solution for this application. Airtable is a spreadsheet/database hybrid with a fantastic API for integrating it into your application.