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Automate your contact center with smart virtual assistants that speak the human language. Activechat combines a live chat platform with an AI-powered chatbot engine to help chatbots and virtual assistants understand humans better.

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    My start with bots

    I am new to bots and have no development background. I have found Activechat to in the top 3 UI's, it is easy to use, inuitive and has a strong community.

    🏁 Competitors: artibot
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    Most flexible Chatbot builder (Directional and AI)

    You can easily build simple directional and AI bots. I was able to build complex bots using Active Chat. I used it to capture leads, respond to common questions, loyalty programs and integrate directly to Google Sheet. There's still room for improvements but overall this is currently the best chatbot builder by far!!! Thanks to Andrii, Roman K. and the rest of Active Chat team.

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    Makes it a breeze to make complicated bots

    The flow builder makes it very easy to create complex bots. The way ActiveChat is setup gives you additional power to create all of that. It has native integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify, meaning you can build e-commerce bots right out of the box.

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    ChatBot and so much More !!

    "Active Chat" is an Amazing Software - on the cutting edge of technology and enterprise-level features. Super smart and productive engineers, fantastic founder and a support team that gets what support means.( "Help us fix what we broke") lol, and they do support well too. They are building enterprise-level tool at a price to good to be true. "Get a subscription and thank me later"

    By far the best out there.

    If you are looking for a platform to build dynamic data driven chatbot solutions, you will not find anything else that can do what ActiveChat can.

    Great features, great support, great community. But lack of funds.

    They have great features but unstable. They have great support but not following roadmaps. The founder is optimistic but the real world hits him hard. Good to see AC grow but they are slow in development. Andrii needs fund to grow AC well and only by doing so, AC can continue develop his unfair advantages on other competitors.

    🏁 Competitors: ManyChat, Chatfuel
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    Swiss Army knife of conversation builders / bots

    Activechat still has some kinks to work out as it’s a young platform. But the way it’s been designed to work from the get go allows you to build much more powerful bots than the other alternatives out there. Connect seamlessly with external databases. Multi channel bots. Powerful segmentation via website chatbot using UTM parameters etc. I’m very satisfied with the platform and the team is super responsive.

    🏁 Competitors: ManyChat, Chatfuel
  8. User avatar
    Expanding and growing

    activechat one of the best chatbot that i have encountered compared to manychat and chatfuel, one of the simplest learning chatbot platform for those newbies out there like me that dont have any experince/backgound on programming.

  9. User avatar
    Great Chatbot Framework

    Although Activechat is still relatively new and still in the works in comparison to the likes of Manychat, Chatfuel, etc., it has the potential to compete and potentially surpass its competitors. I believe that some of the features it currently possesses as well as future implementations will make it an industry standard for marketers and businesses who want flexibility and diversity from conversational marketing software that enables them to build powerful A.I bots.

    🏁 Competitors: ManyChat, Chatfuel,
  10. User avatar
    Better than others

    This chatbot is better than any alternatives. The way it’s built, the service and support is phenomenal. The concept of this bot allows it to grow and adapt to Natural Language and AI., With others you will be stuck with what you get and no option to grow to new applications.

    🏁 Competitors:, Chatfuel, ManyChat
    The most SCALEABLE and flexible
  12. User avatar
    There's no chatbot like it!

    Activechat natively integrates with Google' s Natural Language Processing engine, Dialogflow, so I can build truly intelligent chatbots. Its drag and drop builder and connections to shopping carts including Woocommerce and Shopify lets me build a 24x7 virtual sales team that answers all queries and converts visitors into buyers.

    The best bot builder

    ActiveChat is a smaller and not so known Chatbot platform compared to ManyChat and ChatFuel. I converted to ActiveChat about a year ago because of their suitable pricetag and the familiar community on Facebook, where everyone is eager to help out.

    In many ways ActiveChat has a lot more functionality than their competitors. Easy to integrate eCommerce and DialogFlow with just some simple clicks. Everything is quite easy to setup.

    If I should mention some disadvantages then everything is not 100% because this is a smaller company. Eg manuals are not always updated when new releases is coming. It could be a little bit complicated to start building bots and have a good overview of all skills. Although it´s the same for every similar platform in the beginning. Everything has a learning curve. There´s templates to install and learn from and also textguides and video tutorials.

    Within a year I hope ActiveChat will be in top 5 of Chatbot platforms if they continue with this pace and attitude.

    Try it out now - the more support they got, the better this product will be!

    🏁 Competitors: Chatfuel, ManyChat,
  14. User avatar

    The most flexible chatbot building platform to date 👍

    🏁 Competitors: Chatfuel
    Early happy adopter

    I loved the team behind ActiveChat from day one.

    Founder's reputation is above every feature or function of any tool. Andrei is a good man and has morals that you can barely find with other SaaS founders.

    The product is getting better day after day. It is not up to the competition with the giants such as ManyChat yet, but I am sure that one day they will be one of the best.

    You can definitely get a great value of this tool. I myself had way many successful campaigns and it is now my GO-TO chatbot tool of choice above all others.

    I wish them all the best

    🏁 Competitors:
  16. User avatar

    Very good planned features but development is very slow. Countless missed deadlines for premised releases. No open API. No zapier no itegromat.

    Lead developers have already left the development teams. Simply not ready for commercial use for last two years.

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    Versatile, engaging and getting better

    It's a lot of fun working with Activechat. On the surface it's pretty simple to put a basic bot together, but you can also go deeper, using the visual builder, keywords and integrations (for example, NLP) and do some really cool chatbot / AI stuff, and be well on the way to impressing clients. Looking forward to ACs future

  18. User avatar
    Best platform to develop bots

    I tried to develop messaging bot on other platforms. Activechat is the best because it brings together the power of Chatfuel, the marketing if Manychat and the practicality and need of omni channels in business...all in one

    🏁 Competitors: ManyChat, Chatfuel,
  19. User avatar
    The Champions league of the Chatbot Development

    If you want to program a chatbot with nearly no restrictions you are right with ActiveChat. The google sheets integration is brilliant and the team of ActiveChat is very dedicated, especially the CEO. The multichannel integration ( teillo, telegram,...) is nearly unique in that business. Try it out. You don‘t want to use any other plattform anymore.

  20. User avatar
    the best chatbot builder

    This has been my #1 choice for building chatbot. The visual builder is great and very convenient.

    The best bot you'll find :)

    I know ActiveChat since the amazing developers created it! It's like playing with lego. That easy. It doesn't care about what kind of business you're running a bot is a must. With ActiveChat you'll help clients and save time at the same time. ActiveChat is not only a bot, but it lets you create broadcast messages for your audience so you can keep them engaged and increase sellings. Thank you, Active Chat!

    🏁 Competitors: ManyChat
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