1. Co brings your personal messages from all your social networks together in one place.

  2. Corebird is a Twitter app with an interface reminiscent of Twitter’s official app for OS X

  3. A multi-account Mastodon client.

  4. The online social world where you are in control.

  5. Tweetings is a Twitter client for Mac OS X with an extensive feature list including lists...

  6. Centralize your online presence with your own Social Frontpage and Boards

  7. An experimental multi-account Mastodon Web client written in Elm.

  8. GON is a mastodon client.

  9. UberSocial—The world’s most popular full-featured Twitter app for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and the Kindle Fire. Get LivePreviewTM and more great features

  10. A client for Twitter, Mastodon, GNU Social and Pump.io

  11. Mastobone is an open source Mastodon client.

  12. Free & open source desktop client for TweetDeck