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SMTP2GO is the scalable, reliable email deliverability solution. Worldwide servers, a robust API, and powerful reporting set us apart. Try our free plan!

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Review of SMTP2Go email, from SMTP2Go [Video Summary]

SMTP2GO Review - Best & Cheap SMTP Server Service |Outgoing SMTP Server Provider

Smtp2go Review

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We have tracked the following product recommendations or mentions on various public social media platforms and blogs. They can help you see what people think about SMTP2GO and what they use it for.
  • SMTP2GO is beyond incompetent
    I open a support ticket describing the situation, expecting that it is a simple oversight, but I receive a puzzling response. Their support person claims that this IP doesn't belong to them, and that it is owned by "Sand Dune Mail Ltd". I check the privacy page, and it clearly lists the name of the company as "Sand Dune Mail Ltd". Source: 11 months ago
  • Why will using Google DNS work but using Cloudflare DNS not work for a website
    Hmm. Getting the IP address of a linode site instead of would worry me. Source: 11 months ago
  • Exchange OOF 2016 not working
    Our mail relay service is what is causing the issue! Source: almost 2 years ago
  • Postmark acquired by marketing firm ActiveCampaign
    Https:// maybe? Just discovered them the other day but yet to give it a whirl. Just when I was starting to double down on Postmark, they did this. Not blaming them, but we all know this is going to go badly (as a previous Active Campaign user). - Source: Hacker News / almost 2 years ago
  • Use a Gmail address with the no-cost option?
    Why would it? My response will be sent through the SMTP server at which has no idea what my Gmail address is. How does my "response to meeting invite" differ from my responses to other mass emails? Source: about 2 years ago
  • Use a Gmail address with the no-cost option?
    You can quite easily use "standard" GMail with your custom domain. E.g. someone emails me at []( but these emails are transparently forwarded to []( where I respond to them. And everyone thinks that my only email is []( You can set this up without using... Source: about 2 years ago
  • Standalone e-mail software to use with smtp server
    I apologize I should have clarified, it is not my own smtp server, rather, I created an account with They provided credentials for using their server. I don't want to use their website to exchange emails, as the layout seems like it was designed by a college intern who was paid $5/hour. Source: about 2 years ago
  • App used for sending through an SMTP server from
    I signed up for an account on, but am having trouble finding a client which I can use to make emails and send them in mass through the smtp server. Is there any standalone program out there that offers a good API for making emails, as well as the ability to send emails in mass? Source: about 2 years ago
  • Looking for the same functionality as mailchimp, but from an smtp server
    I'm looking at various websites, and currently am browsing for functionality when it comes to real time opens, clicks, unsubscribe statistics. I have yet to find one that is as user intuitive as mailchimp. Is there a service out there that provides the same level of stats as mailchimp but for larger companies which send out more emails. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Multiple domains hosted with Google - move to registrar with email
    Spam filtering is a matter for your email provider, not for your domain registrar. Those are two entirely separate things. E.g. My domains are registered through (whom I can wholeheartedly recommend) but my email (and spam) is still handled by Google (on standard Gmail accounts ending with My email forwarding (from my domains to is done using Cloudflare and my email sending (from... Source: about 2 years ago
  • Office 365 SMTP problems?
    You may want to go with a 3rd party like for SMTP. You can whitelist your outbound IP addresses so you don't even need to use login/password challenge. At least there's a free tier and you can try it out on a copier/printer giving you grief and see if the problems go away (1000 emails per month free). Source: about 2 years ago
  • Weird issue with the Spam Confidence Level on one device
    IDK how helpful this is but you could try setting up a free account and sending the mail via it, checking results. Source: over 2 years ago
  • Troubleshooting APC UPS SMTP relay failing occasionally... (Exch Server 2016 CU20)
    Does the APC NIC have Internet access? If so, setup a free acount at and switch to that for relay (At least temporarily) and see if the issue improves. Then you can at least isolate whether it's the APC or the server (Or something in between.). Source: almost 3 years ago

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