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Secure Privacy Reviews

Make your company and website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD & EU Cookie Law

Latest User Reviews

  1. Ema avatar
    Best CMP Tool for IAB TCF 2.0 I Have Encountered

    This software has been perfect for us in terms of centralizing all our data processing activities, which makes it easy to comply with GDPR requirements and communicate trust to both regulators and our users.

    👍 Pros:    Data protection and security
    👎 Cons:    Language exchange
  2. noorxtk avatar
    Best Website Cookies Management Tool

    Secure Privacy have a robust tool for CCPA compliance. From managing data subject requests to the ‘Do Not Sell My Data’ cookie banner and privacy policy, we have been able to harness a wide range of the software’s capabilities to our benefit in terms of achieving compliance. What’s more? They have simple how-to tutorials and videos for self-learning and implementation.

    🏁 Competitors: Website Cookies Management Tool
    👍 Pros:    The quality of support we received in setting up their wix plugin for ccpa compliance.
    👎 Cons:    Honestly, we have had a seamless partnership so far
  3. User avatar
    All Round Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

    When we set out to find a solution to our data privacy compliance obligations, we did not expect we would comply withthe EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Brazil’s LGPD all in one place. Secure Privacy has allowed us to do that and I think that is commendable

    🏁 Competitors: Cookiebot
    👍 Pros:    Design|Privacy concisous|Consent banner
    👎 Cons:    Nothing, so far
  4. elena-gamasenko avatar
    IAB Europe TCF Consent Management with Secure Privacy

    As our CMP, the Secure Privacy cookie consent banner has helped us offer users to control and choice over the types of cookies that can be installed in their devices.

    👍 Pros:    Great customer support|Highly customizable|Easy to use|Excellent features
  5. juli97 avatar
    Exactly what you Need to Comply with LGPD

    The most unique and effective way to generate a privacy policy for your website to comply with global data privacy laws.

    👍 Pros:    Great customer support|Highly customizable|Excellent features|Great value for the money|Easy to use
  6. masakosmac avatar
    Our Tool of Choice for Cookie Consent Management in the Market

    Secure Privacy’s GDPR, CCPA, EU Cookie Law, and LGPD compliance solution grants us the agility and necessary personalization to deal with cookie consent requirements in a legally compliant way. We did not expect the completeness of this tool until we implemented it and we haven’t looked back again.

    👍 Pros:    The ‘prior consent’ tool that blocks installation of unnecessary cookies on users’ computers until they give consent. this is very important to us in our efforts to meet gdpr requirements.
    👎 Cons:    At the moment we are not using all the features that secure privacy offers, but that’s more on our part than secure privacy’s fault.
  7. User avatar
    Best CCPA tool nowadays !

    Fast, simple and personnalized tool.

    👍 Pros:    Affordable|Accurate|Remote access|Remote control|Fast support|Fast|Super simple|Clean ui|Robust security
  8. jag_sh999 avatar
    Manage GDPR and CCPA Cookie Consent with Secure Privacy

    The simplicity and clarity around Secure Privacy’s sync consent across multiple website domains capability gave us the structure we needed to meet our requirement to obtain valid cookie consent from users. We use it as our primary tool and the foundation for our GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD compliance. Having tried other options in the market, Secure Privacy is the pick of the bunch because the tool is fresher, flexible, affordable, and very easy to use.

    👍 Pros:    Easy to use|Great value for the money
  9. User avatar
    Great CMP Tool for Businesses in Adtech

    When we were assessing the needs for our privacy management obligations under both IAB TCF 1.0 and TCF 2.0, Secure Privacy stood out for us in the market and managed to offer a solution that fits our needs like a hand to a glove.

    Apart from their tool being a registered and authorized Consent Management Platform for IAB, it is supported by extensive legal research and succeeds in automating an otherwise complex process of meeting privacy and marketing compliance requirements.

    👍 Pros:    Saves a ton of time|Good value for money
    👎 Cons:    Costly pro plan
  10. jmvicencio27 avatar
    The Business-Focused Tool for Data Protection Compliance

    I will have to say the flexibility that Secure Privacy has given us by taking care of of our data privacy compliance obligations at a reasonable cost has been a gamechanger for our business.

    👍 Pros:    Secure privacy has helped us stay on top of our gdpr and ccpa cookie consent obligations since the universal preference center gives our users an intuitive interface to manage their preferences.
    👎 Cons:    It is quite simple to set up, so far we have not encountered any problems with this tool.
  11. Aka94 avatar
    IAB 2.0 Compliance with Secure Privacy

    The user experience with Secure Privacy and the way it’s ingrained to automate our IAB compliance requirements is one of the key things that impressed us about the tool. Since valid GDPR cookie consent is a crucial requirement in the adtech industry, Secure Privacy helps us block cookies and trackers with cookie consent banners in accordance with GDPR, CCPA & LGPD

  12. nadia728 avatar
    Communicate Trust to Customers with Secure Privacy

    Secure Privacy has given us value for money when it comes to features and functionality.

    👍 Pros:    Apart from helping us comply with lgpd, secure privacy helps us show our clients that they can trust us with their data, which we are able to with the secure privacy trust badge on our cookie banners.
    👎 Cons:    The interface requires a learning curve but once i got around it with the help of their support team, it is a piece of cake!
  13. rv4life avatar
    GDPR and CCPA Website Compliance with Secure Privacy

    With Secure Privacy, we have managed to streamline our data protection compliance obligations in one place. With the complete GDPR and CCPA solutions, we are now compliant with the EU and California’s cookie laws, and we are looking forward to complying with Brazil’s LGPD. All in one place!

    We really did our homework before choosing Secure Privacy as our privacy partner. So, we haven’t had any significant problems with the tool.

    Secure Privacy is fit for purpose and very affordable too. I have to mention that their support team is super helpful offering personalized demos before you begin your free trial just to let you know how it works. Additionally, they are always looking to evolve and update their solution in line with the continuous modifications made to the GDPR and CCPA.

  14. mamaorgana avatar
    Let Secure Privacy handle your data privacy compliance needs

    Secure Privacy is a reliable, future-proof solution with fully developed support for GDPR and CCPA. Although we initially chose Secure Privacy to help us with GDPR compliance, it quickly became clear to us that Secure Privacy would be our ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything we need to oversee our data privacy compliance obligations.

    👍 Pros:    It offers complete solutions for both gdpr and ccpa compliance requirements that integrated easily with our wordpress website.
    👎 Cons:    So far we have not experienced any real difficulties with this solution
  15. User avatar
    Harnessing Secure Privacy for Privacy Compliance

    Secure Privacy is always making improvements and changing as the interpretation of regulations evolves, which means we can rely on the tool to support our continuing compliance.

    👍 Pros:    The fact that the solution enables us to manage consent for publishers efficiently according to iab europe, gdpr, and eprivacy directive requirements
    👎 Cons:    Secure privacy has all our gdpr, eprivacy directive, and iab europe needs covered.
  16. User avatar
    Data Protection tool that you can trust - GDPR, CCPA and LGPD compliant

    Secure Privacy is reliable and robust. We selected Secure Privacy as it has all the benefits and most especially the compliance that we need for our data protection and for our clients' as well.

    🏁 Competitors: LogicGate
    👍 Pros:    Data protection and security|Easy to track data|Trust badge is visible and interactive|User-friendly|Pricing is competitive
    👎 Cons:    Slightly hard to set up by starters or not-so-technical people
  17. User avatar
    Transform your Privacy Program with Secure Privacy

    We needed a ready out-of-the-box solution that we could modify and customize to drive our data mapping process. Thankfully, Secure Privacy came in handy for us with a structured formula to kickstart and scale the program. Thanks to Secure Privacy, our company now engages in good privacy practices through having GDPR and CCPA-compliant privacy notices and giving our users a self-service right to opt-out of data collection and advertising cookies option on our domains.

  18. christiangito avatar
    Secure Privacy for GDPR and CCPA Compliance

    A timely solution that has helped our organization streamline GDPR compliance efforts delivering high efficiency in the management of the multiple domains we run. Although, it would be nice if Secure Privacy can be implemented via API so it can be interoperable with apps hosted within the blockchain setup. I could say for myself that it is a timely solution that has helped our organization streamline GDPR compliance efforts delivering high efficiency in the management of the multiple domains we run.

    👍 Pros:    Setting up the solution was unexpectedly easy, complemented with a simple diy manual.
    👎 Cons:    The back-end user interface is a bit complicated to navigate around at times and it would take some time until you become familiar with it.

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