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  • help me find the name of a software I saw here (bookmark manager)
    Anyway, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can just recommend me a good bookmark manager, I'm using so far, but I want to change for something offline and if possible self-hosted. - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • The joke wrote itself here
    I like using raindrop for that sort of thing because it's not limited to YT. Also lets you organize the bookmarks properly in folders or with tags. Not that I actually organize anything, but you can, theoretically. - Source: Reddit / 19 days ago
  • Ask HN: What subscription services are worth paying for IT professional
    I'm a tightwad, so for me to pay a recurring fee, the software must continually improve or provide immense value to my life. To that end, here's what I pay for ordered most favorite to least: Cronometer - Grammarly - BitWarden - Raindrop - Adobe Photoshop, but not for photoshop, but for image hosting. If I decide to trim my... - Source: Hacker News / 19 days ago
  • looking for a capture and organizing app for webpages, podcasts and videos
    Trello might be a good option, since you want to add notes and make decisions about when to engage with them. Another thought is to use a bookmark manager like Raindrop. It doesn't have rich note taking abilities, but it does allow you to add a description to each link, and you can organize them into collections as well as tagging them. - Source: Reddit / 29 days ago
  • Are there any alternatives to Amazon's "Idea Lists"?
    Get the extension for you're browser and you can conveniently save items, if that's what you mean. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Bookmarking app Anybox is getting a major update with website screenshots, link detection, icons view and more
    They have a lifetime option. Why do you just ignore that? The only thing like it is (subscription) and Anybox is better, imo. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Bear as a bookmark management tool
    I tried it before, and it does not work really well. I turned out to use DEVONthink for this purpose for some personal reason but you might want to check out - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Where do you store "good to have" links and stuff you want to save for later
    +1. After many, many years of using which is dead for a long time now, I never found any solution that worked for me equally good (free or paid) until I switched to three years ago. It has a nice UI and supports all my required targets (Safari/macOS, Safari/iOS, Chrome/macOS, Chrome/Windows). The killer feature for me are proper tagging mechanisms. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Bookmark managers with full-sized previews
    Hi there. Do you know any other bookmark managers with "Moodboard view mode" like in It’s very convenient to see full-sized previews for keeping a visual library. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • 28 chrome extensions - handle your internet tabs like a pro, Block websites from google search, Block channels on youtube, Find similar websites to the website your currently browsing.
    Https:// - is not just a pretty interface, it can help you untangle your bookmarks mess. Worth checking out. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago

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11 Pocket Alternatives You Must Try Out!
The most common problem that all of us face when we bookmark things is not the bookmarking phase, but the retrieval face. Raindrop as a pocket alternative makes searching for bookmarks pretty easy.
15 Best Xmarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization is a freemium bookmark manager available for all platforms, browsers, and operating systems. It has both free and paid versions. The free version allows you to save and sync bookmarks across devices and operating systems. The paid version on the other hand, which costs $3 per month, allows you to find and delete the duplicate entries, use tags, and check for all the broken links.
10 Best Apps like Pocket in 2021 - Pocket Alternatives is a capable alternative to Pocket in terms of versatility and intuitive reading experience. In other words, you should consider it a feature-rich bookmark manager. So, if Pocket does not provide you with a variety of tools to manage the massive number of bookmarks that you frequently store, then this should be a more convenient substitute. It can help you get your work done efficiently whether you...
XMarks is Dead on May 1st, 2018 : firefox
The seems to work, but when I go to sort by name, there are some sites that are not sorted by name. For instance on my bookmark bar Yahoo! shows up before reddit in
Xmarks Discontinued on May 1st: Here are 7 Xmarks Alternatives to Try
Raindrop is a freemium bookmark manager that is available on all platforms, browsers, and OS. Raindrop is available in two flavors. The free version will allow you to save and sync bookmarks across devices and OS. The paid version, for $3 a month, will allow you to find and delete duplicate entries, have nested collections, use tags, and check for broken links.
3+ Best XMarks Alternatives For Bookmarks Synchronization Across Multiple Browsers
The only thing that I didn’t like about was that it didn’t automatically synchronize the browser bookmarks. For automatic synchronization, you will need to save your bookmarks using extension.

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