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Picarto.TV is the world's leading video platform and community for artists.

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    They Like Your Money. Horrible Customer Service

    Picarto's customer service, those guys do not give a crap about helping you or your concerns unless it involves you having issues paying for the service.

    Their West server was dropping frames, their West server is known for it, and i was once told by one of their reps, ooh you are from the west, we having issues with that server, switch to East. East server works just fine but so far 3 years and its still the same. They dont respond to your messages at all, if you are lucky you might get a response. This includes their Twitter account as well. They do not give a crap and im not saying this out of revenge or anger. I am being very honest and serious when i say that. Maybe because of Covid? They've been doing this before Covid. So if you have a problem with the membership, they will help you right away but if you have a problem that is nothing related to "money", dont bother getting a message. It took me some ranting and pushing to actually get one person to respond and once i did, i got a half ass, lazy answer to get rid of me telling me i have to buy a membership when i said there is a bug that people can watch someone draw porn and get away with it and not have to log in and get banned if they are a minor. He said, you have to buy a Premium Membership, but my answer was if you have a Premium membership, they still can see it. They just cant join it. So the Rep said you have to buy a Premium membership, so thats the PR to make money. If i can find another live stream art hosting site, i would totally join it. Their servers are crap, their Employees are rude and dont care to help you, and they are becoming like companies, EA, Activision, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Paypal. They want all of your monies, not just whats in your bank account but all of it. Companies like this pretend to be all supportive in the beginning starting out new, then once they are successful, they change their attitude, and now they want only your business, nothing else. This is my honest review, if you read this, dont buy a membership.

    ๐Ÿ Competitors:
    ๐Ÿ‘ Pros:    Its easy to use|That it, i have nothing...
    ๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:    The rtmp west us server has connection problems.|Customer support is useless unless it involves you having issues after paying for a membership. proof is from twitter.|Picarto tv uses a lot of cpu usage. xsplit customer service even pin pointed the problem and said the site sucks up a ton of cpu usage.|Picarto tv doesnt refresh itself on its own. the page freezes in the video, you have to refresh the page for picarto so it updates the amount of members in your channel. you wont see new messages or people unless you refresh the page. picarto's server and ui does this for every stream.|Picarto's last update ruined the site's refresh rate. the site cant refresh.|Its worse via smart phone/mobile.|Theres adult, and theres clean safe art. there is no way to secure, and prevent minors from watching. customer reps ignore it.

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