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MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database.

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  • Is the internet off in Russia ? and many other services that don't work with russians anymore. - Source: Reddit / 10 days ago
  • Unable to POST, Strange HTTP Response
    If I go to, I can see that no data has been posted to the database. However, the logs DO show that my requests have been received. - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • MongoDB, Inc. gives your information to other companies
    I recently made an account on, and soon after, I saw checked my Facebook advertisement settings and saw that MongoDB was targeting me through "uploaded a list to target you". Very likely they sell or use your information on/to other platforms and companies too. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • If you wanted to make section with random quotes in your React application, how would you approach fetching the data?
    - Create your own database on and fetch quotes from there. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Change Streams
    Otherwise, all the other instances of the application will fire (if I run the app on localhost, changes on the server will observed on localhost without this check). Thus exponentially increasing "writes" (they aren't writes as the data would be the same, but its traffic none the less). That's what I mean about the "watch happens on the database" which means I'm not watching the code locally (e.g. it's not handled... - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Error when building an offline version of MongoDB docs
    I've actually managed to do it today. The reason why I haven't done it before is because I had to login via to use their Jira. I hope they respond! - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2022)
    MongoDB | SE3/Senior Software Engineer, Query | Full-time | $180-300k+ (total comp, negotiable) | NYC, Chicago, or Remote (North America only) | MongoDB started as a NoSQL document database, but we are growing into a data platform with sophisticated support for transactional, analytics, full-text search, and time-series queries at huge scale. This opening is specifically for my Database Query... - Source: Hacker News / 7 months ago
  • Notiger - Get realtime notifications on events from your application
    After creating a notiger account, you create a project. Each project can have streams that will receive the events. When an event is received, it is stored in a database, MongoDB in this case and a notification is pushed to all devices with notifications enabled that the user has. - Source: / 7 months ago
  • Lovenotes - MongoDB Hackathon Submission
    This project was bootstrapped with Create React App Designed using the effluent Chakra UI and powered by MongoDB. - Source: / 9 months ago
  • Docket - A simplified and minimalist ToDo App
    Hello There! I am Tharun and I am really happy to present to you the Docket. (You guessed it, a ToDo App). It is powered by the beloved react with node as the backend doing all the heavy lifting and ofcourse, one of the well thought out and most awesome nosql database out there our very favorite MongoDB storing all the app's data. - Source: / 9 months ago

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The database added a new feature to its list of attributes called MongoDB Atlas. It is a global cloud database technology that allows to deploy a fully managed MongoDB across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure with its built-in automation for resource, workload optimization and to reduce the time required to handle the database.
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MongoDB is an open source NoSQL DBMS which uses a document-oriented database model. It supports various forms of data. However, in MongoDB data consumption is high due to de-normalization.
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If you’re not ready for a major migration effort, there is one more solution for you – Percona Server for MongoDB. Based on MongoDB Community, and enhanced by Percona with Enterprise Features, Percona Server for MongoDB offers 100% compatibility. As we wrote in a previous post, we commit to shipping a supported AGPL version until the situation around SSPL is clearly resolved.

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