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We make it simple to develop, deploy, and scale cloud infrastructure at the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.

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  • How to implement database for a truly multi platform app?
    I'm cheap while developing. I spend $7 / month at for a VPS server that runs MySQL and apache webserver. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • How to deploy Django, React, GraphQL along with docker, gunicorn, and nginx with best practices on AWS EC2?
    As for alternatives to ec2, I have been very happy with linode ( - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • 4g fpv video streamer
    The best option is to spend a few $s a month and set up a VPN on a cheap VPS such as, or Wireguard seems to be a relatively easy to set up compared to openvpn. Since the VPS is exposed to the world you should make a point of adding a fire wall and only allow connections from the VPN. I use this to stream Zoneminder. It does take some amount of effort but it is well worth the... - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Where to host Python code
    Check out Pretty easy to get started with. You can simply set up a Linux VM, which you can then SSH into to run your server on it. I believe they offer you a balance of $100 (which is valid for 60 days iirc) when you sign up, so you can host it completely for free for the first few months. After that, the cheapest option will cost you 5$ a month. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago
  • Need Server Advice as a Student
    You could also look at -- there's a handful of podcasts in the wild that advertise $100 credits and the like. - Source: Reddit / 6 months ago

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Top 7 Best VPS Hosting Services 2021
Linode is also among the best VPS hosting companies. They are in this business since 2003. All of their VPS plans are backed by SSD Storage. With Intel E5 Processor and 40Gbit network, your website is sure to get blazing speed. You can also choose from the data center according to your need.
The Amazon Premium
The effect is even more pronounced once you consider that for $40/month, Linode and DigitalOcean provide four cores rather than two and SSD disks rather than HDD (or EBS).
$10 VPS Showdown - June 2018 - DigitalOcean vs. Linode vs. Vultr
Vultr excelled in a lot of ways this month, I suspect because of the CPU upgrade but still fell short to Linode’s memory (read/write) performance.
Linode vs DigitalOcean Performance, Benchmarks, Uptime & Network Speed Comparison
Linode has been in the hosting game a little longer, having been established in 2003, and they are recognized in the industry as pioneers of cloud computing. Linode is a classic model of an IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service. With an IaaS, you essentially rent the server and network resources from the provider.Started in 2011 with humble beginnings, DigitalOcean has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest...
VPS Showdown - January 2018 - DigitalOcean vs. Linode vs. Vultr
DigitalOcean may have taken the fil I/O but it’s worth nothing that Linode and Vultr both performed consistent across each server instance while DigitalOcean had one instance that performed wildly better than the other two (bringing up the average considerably).
VPS Comparison 2018: Vultr vs. Digital Ocean vs. Linode vs. SSD Nodes
Are you looking for a new virtual private server (VPS) in 2019? As with every year, the VPS hosting landscape changed a lot by the end of 2018, with a handful of arriving and departing players. There’s new features, new pricing structures, and entirely new technologies (NVMe!). We have plans a-plenty to write up comprehensive VPS comparisons for a bunch of these new contenders, but for now, it’s time to dive into...
Top Five Alternatives to Amazon AWS Cloud
Right off the bat, all Linode servers are powered by SSD’s. Secondly, all Linode servers are billed by the hour and the month. Thirdly, all Linode servers can be deployed in less than a minute. Fourthly, the cheapest Linode SSD Cloud server runs $10 per month and the most expensive runs $960 per month.

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