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Imgur is a free and simple image hosting service with image editing feature. Signup is optional.

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  • Budget amplifier between 100-200$ recommendation please
    Easiest way of posting a picture after you made a thread is to just upload one to and link here. - Source: Reddit / about 7 hours ago
  • [A] Mini Launch
    Therefore, is not allowed and posts using it will not be evaluated or approved on a case-by-case basis. Please re-upload the image to an acceptable host (such as but not limited to imgur or gfycat) and make a new post. - Source: Reddit / about 22 hours ago
  • Monthly Flex & Salt Megathread
    If you would like to provide images and videos, you may use external websites such as Imgurand Streamable to emb links. - Source: Reddit / about 20 hours ago
  • update 3: expanded what used to be the tree farm into a sweet berry farm, and made everything look just a bot better (everything inside, anyway) this is probably the last update for today, but thanks for the upvotes!
    Use, you can post the image and send the link afterwards. - Source: Reddit / about 24 hours ago
  • Lowest gas has been here since I moved. How y'all doin?
    Ah dont worry about it. But in the future, or work well. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Weekly Portfolio Review & Weekend Discussion Thread - November 26, 2022
    This is the Weekend Portfolio Review Thread! You can post your portfolios for review here. You can comment list of stocks in your portfolio or use a free image hosting site like ImgBB or Imgur to share your screenshots. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Can someone do me a favor and write this clearly for me?
    We have a 快问快答 Quick Help thread at the top of our front page for translation requests, Chinese name help, and any other questions that don't warrant a separate thread (i.e., simple questions that can be addressed by a single answer). Please submit your post as a comment there instead. For translation requests, you can upload images through a website like Imgur or submit them to r/translator. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Please stop asking for my location
    Can you take a screenshot of that and post it here, or PM me, or open a support ticket by going to and scrolling ALL the way to the bottom and opening a ticket and in the very first ticket upload that screenshot (attach it to the ticket). Or post it on and send the link one of the above ways? We can fix this in 48 hours or less for you. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Weekly General Questions Megathread
    If you would like to provide images and videos, you may use external websites such as Imgur, Gyazo and Streamable to emb links. Alternatively, you can insert images as comments using Reddit's native media uploader. - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • What can my Internet Service provider see? IK they can see the websites I use, but do they have access to the content I've viewed in those sites? Can my ISP see the YT videos I've searched and watched, Reddit posts on my home page or searched subreddits and posts, Specific Imgur Photos or Tiktoks?
    Specifically, the contents includes things like the full URL, any login or form data submitted, contents of posts/media uploaded, web pages or other content received from the server. The domain name of the server you're connecting to is most likely visible (DNS and SNI, which are typically unencrypted). The IP address of the server is definitely known (otherwise they couldn't route your traffic). So for example,... - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

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23 Best Free Image Hosting Sites (Upload & Share) in 2022
Among the free image hosting platforms, Imgur reigns supreme. The platform plays host (pun intended) to a plethora of photos from famous and inspirational GIFs to funny memes and many more. It also boasts a passionate and supportive online community.
11 Best Image Hosting Sites for Personal to Business
Imgur allows you to add captions to your images and then upload them via email. Imgur allows for the direct linking of images, where each link can embedded in HTML. You don’t have to create an account in order to use Imgur. A username is required if you wish to upload photos or add captions.
Top 10 TinyPic Alternatives in 2022 for Images Sharing
The last on our list of TinyPic alternatives is Imgur which is also among the best image hosting and uploading sites aside from TinyPic. With Imgur, you can host and transfer pictures you want to share with the whole world as well as additionally set a lot of security settings if you want to make your images private. You are also allowed to transfer your files through email and host unlimited pictures using this...
10+ Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress
FYI, using Imgur as a CDN is against our Terms of Service and will get you cut off eventually. See the “Sttuff not to do” section of

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