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Google Cloud Spanner is a horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service.

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  • /u/ryuuthecat wonders how a feature of google maps works. Engineer who programmed the feature responds with the answer
    Basically everything I touch is in-house, but a majority of it is available publicly. For instance: - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago
  • How Do Companies (Like Evernote) Handle So Many Notes?
    An application that needs to handle a lot of data can use a distributed database like Cloud Spanner. Unlimited scale and you don't have to split your database into multiple tables. - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • One of my favorite topics in DE is CAP Theorem. Has anyone managed to accomplish all 3 at once yet or is it truly impossible like the theorem states.
    Look at the architecture and performance of Google's Cloud Spanner, a CP system with 99.999% availability... - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Vaultree and AlloyDB: the world's first Fully Homomorphic and Searchable Cloud Encryption Solution
    In my opinion, Google has built some fantastic database services like Bigtable and Spanner, which literally changed the industry for good, and I am eager to see how they will build upon this new service. With AlloyDB's disaggregated architecture, the dystopian world where I only pay for SQL databases per query and the stored data on GCP seems closer than ever. - Source: / 5 months ago
  • Google Cloud Reference
    Cloud Spanner: Horizontally scalable relational DB 🔗Link 🔗Link. - Source: / 7 months ago
  • Firestore v/s BigTable
    Have you considered looking at Cloud Spanner? The entry price point is about $60 USD/mo and can easily serve this traffic. For that price, you get:. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • Optimizing Distributed Joins: The Case of Google Cloud Spanner and DataStax Astra DB
    Having fast distributed joins is an important consideration when it comes to selecting a scalable database that can support real-time, high-throughput, data-driven applications. In this article, we discussed how shuffle, broadcast, co-located, and pre-computed joins work. We explained that shuffle and broadcast joins are more suitable for batch or near real-time analytics because they may require moving data among... - Source: / about 1 year ago
  • PlanetScale & Vitess: Legacy Sharded Databases and Referential Integrity
    This led me to be confused as to why they'd drop the FOREIGN KEY constraint as databases such as CockroachDB and Spanner still maintain referential integrity along with being scalable. - Source: / 12 months ago
  • Run Ordinary Rails Apps Globally
    The other option here is using Spanner from Google ( which now has full PostgreSQL compatibility. That gets you global scalability with no meaningful changes to your application at all. They even made a Rails specific guide for it here - Source: Hacker News / about 1 year ago
  • I'm building a social media platform. The Frontend is nearly ready. The backend started on Firebase, but my conviction is starting to wane. Pricing for Terabyte scale traffic seems more attractive at Digital Ocean. Advice? I need to commit to a vendor soon
    5) Consider using Cloud Spanner for your database. At your scale, it would be hard to find a better solution across any major Cloud provider. Just note, this will be a point of "lock-in", however, the pricing on Spanner is pretty reasonable, and certainly more affordable than Firebase/Firestore at scale. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Migrating SQLite database to Cloud Firestore?
    Everything else you've reasoned about is absolutely spot on though. However, beware the query costs of Firestore, they can sneak up on you. You may want to consider something like Cloud Spanner now that we have a reduced entry price point (~60/mo). This would give you SQL at a multi-terabyte scale should you choose to index more data. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Browse and query Cloud Spanner databases from Visual Studio Code
    Visual Studio Code is one of the most widely-used IDEs, due in part to the variety of extensions that are available to developers. For developers who are building applications that interact with Cloud Spanner, we're excited to announce the Google Cloud Spanner driver for the popular SQLTools extension for VS Code. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • I just want to serve 5 terabytes
    Much better. Bigtable (of the NoSQL era) was a curse that distorted design, engineering, operations, and resource planning. Spanner (distributed RDBMS) is salvation. Operations must have improved internally as well, since PCRs seem less of a PITA. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • A comparison of transaction models in distributed document databases
    Some databases are actually domain-specific interfaces to other databases, and Firestore is one of them. Firestore is the updated version of Firebase Realtime Database, a mobile-oriented cloud service that was originally implemented as a service on top of MongoDB. Google acquired Firebase in 2014, and ported the interface, with modifications, to a Google Spanner backend in 2019. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Considering the advantages of Cloud Native Architecture
    Let's take a database, a common requirement for almost any architecture. There are an array of options depending on your chosen Cloud Provider, to name just a handful. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has Dynamodb, Aurora, RDS (Relational Database Service). Azure has Cosmos DB (which if you haven't heard of definitely check it out, it's a favorite of mine), SQL. Google Cloud has Spanner and Big Table and the list goes... - Source: / almost 2 years ago
  • Can't create spanner instance emulator in minikube
    On local environment, use spanner's docker emulator to create development tools. - Source: Reddit / about 2 years ago

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