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A fully managed data warehouse for large-scale data analytics.

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  • Deploying a Data Warehouse with Pulumi and Amazon Redshift
    A data warehouse is a specialized database that's purpose built for gathering and analyzing data. Unlike general-purpose databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL, which are designed to meet the real-time performance and transactional needs of applications, a data warehouse is designed to collect and process the data produced by those applications, collectively and over time, to help you gain insight from it. Examples of... - Source: / 3 days ago
  • What is data integration?
    You build a data integration between all the ad service providers (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), ingesting data from those APIs and storing it in your BigQuery data warehouse. - Source: / 24 days ago
  • What are Firebase Extensions? How can they speed up your app development?
    It also includes some extensions that integrate Firebase with Google Cloud Platform services such as BigQuery. - Source: / 27 days ago
  • Evolutionary Data Infrastructure
    In addition, batch tasks require knowledge of the data schema of each service in order to get the data correctly and save it to the corresponding warehouse table. Assuming our data warehouse is GCP BigQuery, the schema in the warehouse table also needs to be created and modified manually. - Source: / 2 months ago
  • Moving to Google Cloud managed services, from a FinOps point of view
    BigQuery has a pricing model close to Pub/Sub : you pay for what you insert on the database (in streaming) and the storage of these data. The main difference is on what you can do with these data. BigQuery is not a message queuing service, this is a data warehouse service. It proposes a query service to exploit these data and you pay for these queries. Actually, not on the query itself but on the quantity of data... - Source: / 4 months ago
  • The Ultimate Guide to Google Core Web Vitals
    This metric can get processed from Chrome's user/client information of session timings taken from users/ clients' traffic to your site. The information is gathered in a sizeable BigQuery data set by domain and kept up with by the Chromium project. - Source: / 3 months ago
  • Apache Kafka Use Cases: When To Use It & When Not To
    A Kafka-based data integration platform will be a good fit here. The services can add events to different topics in a broker whenever there is a data update. Kafka consumers corresponding to each of the services can monitor these topics and make updates to the data in real-time. It is also possible to create a unified data store through the same integration platform. Developers can implement a unified store either... - Source: / 3 months ago
  • I need to run intense graph-related algos and I just don't have the RAM to get the results (which are much less RAM hungry).
    Is it something you can use BigQuery for? They give you free credit to try it out so it might be worth a shot. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • DeWitt Clause, or Can You Benchmark %DATABASE% and Get Away With It
    Google Cloud Platform, including BigQuery & Firebase. Benchmarking. Customer may conduct benchmark tests of the Services (each a "Test"). Customer may only publicly disclose the results of such Tests if it (a) obtains Google's prior written consent, (b) provides Google all necessary information to replicate the Tests, and (c) allows Google to conduct benchmark tests of Customer's publicly available products or... - Source: / 6 months ago
  • Top PyPI Packages
    Thanks to PyPI and Google BigQuery for the data; pypinfo and jq for the tools; Python Wheels for making their code open source; and DigitalOcean for sponsoring this project's hosting. Visit to see if your project is eligible. - Source: / 6 months ago

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16 Top Big Data Analytics Tools You Should Know About
Google BigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data. It is a Platform as a Service that supports querying using ANSI SQL. It also has built-in machine learning capabilities.

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