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  • Show HN: StackAid – fund 100s of open source dependencies with one subscription
    This kind of looks like but specifically for dev/dependencies. Not sure I like that there's "only" a two-month limit in which funds can be claimed, though. Some developers could be very busy or get caught up with other stuff and not hear about their accumulated funds before the "expire". Some might also think it's a phishing scam if they haven't heard of StackAid before. - Source: Hacker News / 7 months ago
  • Patreon cuts deep inside creators’ pockets
    I think this is one of the problems flattr tries to solve. Instead of multiple micro transactions you make one larger transaction each month to flattr, who then divides it up to all the creators you want to support. I don't know how Patreon does it, if they make one charge for each creator you support I guess the transactions fees can become a large part of the total amount. - Source: Hacker News / 10 months ago
  • Quartz is taking down the paywall
    That's exactly how Brave works after you setup the wallet and it gives you two options: - pay a variable amount to the website you visit, based on how many visits and time you spent on; - pay a fixed amount to a website of your choice; Both options can be enabled at the same time, and the minimum number of visit, or the minimum length of the same, is adjustable; Flattr[0] should be similar with fiat currency. [0]... - Source: Hacker News / 12 months ago
  • Making Open Source economy more viable with dual license collectives
    Couldn't we mash something like [flattr]( into the package managers ( npm, pip, cpan etc.)? That would give the companies/users an option of regularly contributing a fixed budget to x FOSS projects without having to track down who/where/how for each dependency. The org collecting the micro payments distributes once a month to project maintainers with commit privileges. For static libs, the... - Source: Hacker News / about 1 year ago
  • TIL that Ethan Zuckerman, the inventor of the pop-up ad, apologized to the internet for creating one of the worst and most hated ways of online advertising.
    What about a third party company (like flattr ) that you can sign up and websites can have contribution buttons on their site. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Just tried elementary os for a couple of days, here are some things I think would be great to have on gnome
    I think that the elementary os style "pay what you want" approach combined with something like where you can set aside a fixed amount of money every month to be divided between the apps you use would be great. This can be integrated with platforms like , or flattr. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Why the Substack hype is much ado about little
    The idea is quite old, Flattr has been doing something similar for 11 years now. The UI is a bit less polished though. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago

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