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DBeaver - Universal Database Manager and SQL Client.

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  • Quick tip: Connecting DBeaver to SingleStoreDB
    There are many ways to interact with SingleStoreDB Cloud, ranging from the built-in web-based SQL Editor to a locally installed MySQL client. Another option is to use a popular database tool called DBeaver. We can set up a connection from DBeaver to SingleStoreDB Cloud in a few minutes. In this article, we’ll see how. - Source: / about 7 hours ago
  • SQLite GUI
    Https:// is about the most standard, however I also really like to use DBeaver as it is available on all my platforms (macOS, Linux, and Windows) and covers just about any DB platform you can think of - the Community version is free and awesome, no nagging to upgrade to the commercial version and honestly I've never really had the need for the commercial version: - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago
  • SQLite GUI
    DBeaver ( is occasionally mentioned on SQLite's own forum. It's considerably more complex, because it caters to many different SQL databases. The Community Edition is not as well documented. (Just try to look up what's in a Project, or why you would want to create a Project in the first place.). - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago
  • The Reason Java Is Still Popular
    On a tangent from the article which discusses the Java the languae. I write SQL for a living and the one thing I like about Java based SQL clients like DBeaver [0], SQL Workbench/J[1] and SQuirreL SQL [2] is that they tend to support most databases that have a JDBC driver. Turns out most databases do have a JDBC driver. So if you want to connect to "new" database like DuckDb to Oracle, SQL Server and even CSV... - Source: Hacker News / 12 days ago
  • Top 5 MariaDB GUI tools in 2022
    DBeaver is a free and open source multiplatform tool for all people who work with databases. Apart from MariaDB, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Access, MongoDB, Redis, and many more databases. It is actively maintained, and users are invited to report bugs and suggest features on the DBeaver GitHub page. - Source: / 2 months ago
  • No MySQL workbench in fedora 36 ??
    DBeaver Community, which is similar to workbench and takes little time to get used to. Also, it's officially available through flatpak and there's a copr as well. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Numeric table suffixes showing up in TablePlus
    While most of my colleagues use DBeaver, I use TablePlus. However, on DBeaver, these suffixes don't show up in the table list - whereas, in TablePlus, they do. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • non-Profit looking to move from Lotus Approach to ______ - questions
    In addition to those SQL clients, DBeaver is a great option too. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • MySQL or Postgres?
    In addition to what Matt said, for personal projects with shoestring budget you can consider since datagrip requires subscription. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • [FINDING SOFTWARE] Y'all got some tips for ERD software?
    DBeaver is a free multi-platform database tool for developers, database administrators, analysts and all people who need to work with databases. - Source: Reddit / 4 months ago

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9 Best Database Software For Mac [Reviewed & Ranked]
It is not easy to say which is the best database software for mac. You need to work out if you are after a general database client for development or are you after a full-blown IDE. For a general database developer tool, DBeaver is free and open-source and has basic to advanced features. If you want a full IDE then TablePlus or DataGrip will be more suitable options.
Top Ten MySQL GUI Tools
DBeaver is a multi-platform tool that supports numerous databases. This GUI is cross-platform friendly, and it imports, exports, and backs up data swiftly. This database management helper offers a syntax editor with SQL corrector and autocomplete.
TOP best Microsoft Access replacement software for databases
A new feature of this application is that it supports different trend database files to import into its environment. Thus, users can add database elements to their DBeaver projects from other sources such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Firebird, Sybase,.
10 Best Database Management Software Of 2022 [+ Examples]
The DBeaver software is licensed-based. You can choose between three editions: Lite ($10 for one month or $99 for a year), Enterprise ($23 for one month or $230 for one year), or Ultimate ($440 for one year).
DBeaver v. MySQL Workbench v. POPSQL v. Visual Studio Code.
Pricing: DBeaver has a community version (DBeaver CE) which is free and open source. There’s also an enterprise edition (DBeaver EE) with more driver support, more advanced features and dedicated customer support for enterprises.
Top 10 free database tools for sys admins 2019 Update
DBeaver is an open source universal database tool for developers and database administrators that has a low memory footprint. It supports JDBC compliant databases such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Firebird, SQLite, and Sybase. Its main features include the ability to browse and edit databases, create and execute SQL scripts, export data, transaction management and ER diagrams. Additionally,...
DBeaver vs MySQL Workbench vs TablePlus Comparison
Pricing: DBeaver has a community version (DBeaver CE) which is free and open source. There’s also an enterprise edition (DBeaver EE) with more driver support, more advanced features and dedicated customer support for enterprises.
5 Open-Source SQL IDEs for You to Learn and Explore
One thing to note: DBeaver doesn’t install drivers at the start, but fetches them as you need them (this is very “Eclipse-like”). That’s probably because it’s built on the Eclipse platform, so if you’re used to that, you’ll feel right at home. Certainly I had no problems with it; it felt very snappy. The range of export formats includes CSV, HTML and XML, as well as JSON and Markdown.

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