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MongoDB VS VoltDB

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MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database.

In-memory relational DBMS capable of supporting millions of database operations per second
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NoSQL Databases Databases Document Databases Relational Databases
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Databases NoSQL Databases Relational Databases
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MySQL vs MongoDB

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VoltDB Explained in 2 Minutes

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MongoDB Reviews

16 Top Big Data Analytics Tools You Should Know About
The database added a new feature to its list of attributes called MongoDB Atlas. It is a global cloud database technology that allows to deploy a fully managed MongoDB across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure with its built-in automation for resource, workload optimization and to reduce the time required to handle the database.
9 Best MongoDB alternatives in 2019
MongoDB is an open source NoSQL DBMS which uses a document-oriented database model. It supports various forms of data. However, in MongoDB data consumption is high due to de-normalization.
20+ MongoDB Alternatives You Should Know About
If youโ€™re not ready for a major migration effort, there is one more solution for you โ€“ Percona Server for MongoDB. Based on MongoDB Community, and enhanced by Percona with Enterprise Features, Percona Server for MongoDB offers 100% compatibility. As we wrote in a previous post, we commit to shipping a supported AGPL version until the situation around SSPL is clearly resolved.

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  • Migrating your SQL Database to MongoDb
    In this article you are going to learn how to migrate your Relational database(MySQL, MariaDb etc) to Non-relational database like MongoDb. - Source: / 7 months ago
  • Please upvote for an official MongoDB driver for Dart
    How does this have 110 upvotes on reddit but only 25 on lol ... You guys..!! - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago

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We have not tracked any mentions of VoltDB yet. Tracking of VoltDB recommendations started around Mar 2021.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing MongoDB and VoltDB, you can also consider the following products

Redis - Redis is an open source in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability.

PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.

RRDTool - High performance data logging and graphing system for time series data

CouchDB - HTTP + JSON document database with Map Reduce views and peer-based replication

Beringei - High performance, in-memory storage engine for time series data (by Facebook)

Apache Cassandra - The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance.

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