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Fluentd is a cross platform open source data collection solution originally developed at Treasure Data.

logstash is a tool for managing events and logs.
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Fluentd details

Monitoring Tools Log Management Error Tracking

logstash details

Monitoring Tools Log Management Error Tracking

Fluentd videos

How-to Ship Logs to Grafana Loki with Promtail, FluentD & Fluent-bit

More videos:

  • - OpenShift Commons Briefing #72: Cloud Native Logging with Fluentd
  • - Fluentd, the Open Source Data Collection tool

logstash videos

Visualizing Logs Using ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana

More videos:

  • - Security Onion with Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK)

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Fluentd Reviews

Best Log Management Tools: Useful Tools for Log Management, Monitoring, Analytics, and More
Fluentd collects events from various data sources and writes them to files, RDBMS, NoSQL, IaaS, SaaS, Hadoop and so on. Fluentd helps you unify your logging infrastructure. Fluentd’s flagship feature is an extensive library of plugins which provide extended support and functionality for anything related to log and data management within a concise developer environment.

logstash Reviews

Top 10 Popular Open-Source ETL Tools for 2021
Logstash is an Open-Source Data Pipeline that extracts data from multiple data sources and transforms the source data and events and loads them into ElasticSearch, a JSON-based search, and analytics engine. It is part of the ELK Stack. The “E” stands for ElasticSearch and the “K” stands for Kibana, a Data Visualization engine.
Top ETL Tools For 2021...And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL
Logstash is an open source data processing pipeline that ingests data from multiple sources simultaneously, transforming the source data and store events into ElasticSearch by default. Logstash is part of an ELK stack. The E stands for Elasticsearch, a JSON-based search and analytics engine, and the K stands for Kibana, which enables data visualization.
Best Log Management Tools: Useful Tools for Log Management, Monitoring, Analytics, and More
Logstash from Elasticsearch is one of the most renowned open-source log management tool for managing, processing and transporting your log data and events. Logstash works as a data processor that can combine and transform data from multiple sources at the same time, then send it over to your favorite log management platform, such as Elasticsearch.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing Fluentd and logstash, you can also consider the following products

Graylog - Graylog is an open source log management platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

Datadog - See metrics from all of your apps, tools & services in one place with Datadog's cloud monitoring as a service solution. Try it for free.

Splunk - Splunk's operational intelligence platform helps unearth intelligent insights from machine data.

Sentry - From error tracking to performance monitoring, developers can see what actually matters, solve quicker, and learn continuously about their applications - from the frontend to the backend.

Kafka - Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log.

Grafana - Data visualization & Monitoring with support for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Elasticsearch and many more databases

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