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ClosetPilot VS Poshmark Pro Tools

Compare ClosetPilot VS Poshmark Pro Tools and see what are their differences

ClosetPilot lets you automatically share your closet, follow and unfollow users, and generate more sales on Poshmark

Poshmark Pro Tools is an automation software and a bot dedicated to increase more sales of Poshmark closet by auto sharing & following
ClosetPilot Landing Page
ClosetPilot Landing Page

ClosetPilot is the best Poshmark bot

ClosetPilot is a Poshmark sharing bot that will drive more sales for your business, helping you get more followers and more shares for your inventory.

Do you share your closet 2-3 times per day? Instead of manually sharing every single item, ClosetPilot will help you share your inventory automatically, saving you valuable time so you can focus on sourcing inventory and talking to customers.

Have you looked into hiring a Poshmark Virtual Assistant to share for you? Hiring a VA to share your closet can be expensive, often costing upwards of $100 per month. Try ClosetPilot for free and see how much more effective it is than hiring a VA.

ClosetPilot will help you become a top Poshmark seller

ClosetPilot pops up when you are on and it allows you to automatically: - Share items to your followers, or to parties - Share items from any closet or feed - Follow and unfollow people, so you can gain more followers - Edit and Share - Organize the items in your closet - Automatically solves captchas (using the service) - Lets you set a daily share limit so you don't get soft banned

You can save hours per day by using ClosetPilot.

Poshmark Pro Tools Landing Page
Poshmark Pro Tools Landing Page

Poshmark Pro Tools is an auto-promotion and sharing bot for the Poshmark closet. With Poshmark Pro Tools you have the amazing autopilot features like auto-sharing, auto follows, auto unfollowing, auto commenter, auto liker, auto-share back and many more.

Poshmark Pro Tools is the best Poshmark sharing bot can get rid of manual sharing that you do every single day to make your closet sales increase. With the best Poshmark sharing bot you can automatically share the items in your closet. Ultimately saving a lot of your time that you can spend in some other activities.

It is like you have a virtual assistant for just $14.99 that only works to boost your Poshmark selling revenue. Even if you opt to hire a human VA then it will at least cost you $100. So its always a good option to go for a bot to get things done.

Another remarkable thing about the Poshmark Pro Tools bot is that the suspension chances of your seller account are almost none. Its feature of random delay between shares makes it the best and the safest Poshmark bot!

ClosetPilot details

Poshmark Poshmark Automation Sales Tools Sales Automation Bots
Pricing URL Official ClosetPilot Pricing  
Details $freemium $29.99 / Monthly
Browser iOS Mac OSX Windows Cross Platform
Release Date2019-10-07

Poshmark Pro Tools details

Bots Poshmark Poshmark Automation
Pricing URL Official Poshmark Pro Tools Pricing  
Details $freemium $14.99 / Monthly ( Month Of Our Software, Including Support & ALL Features!)
Release Date2018-03-01

ClosetPilot features and specs

Not specified yet

Poshmark Pro Tools features and specs

Auto Sharing Yes
Auto Following Yes
Multi-Closet Sharing Yes
Auto Unfollowing Yes
Auto Party Sharing Yes
Auto Community Shares Yes
Auto Target Following Yes
Auto Liker Yes
Auto Commenter Yes
Auto Share Back Yes

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    After sales completely plummented this bot had hidden spyware & a virus attacking my pc requested cancellation which I was billed for 2 addl months paypal provided 6 months worth of credit after deleting literally had a $612 day in sales

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