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Intelligent Cloud Management Platform: Simplify DevOps, SysAdmin tasks with AI. Discover 15-55% in 3 minutes.

CloudSqueeze is like having your own AI expert working on your AWS generated data to discover opportunities for cost savings along with operational anomalies and insights to help you navigate the cloud.

Features include: - Rightsize your cloud resources and discover savings

  • Establish a daily spend baseline and discover if an unexpected resource is left turned on, and its cost impact before it appears in your bill

  • Itemized billing for every cloud resource in a way that helps you manage costs

  • Discover configuration changes and cost impact of each change

  • Artificial Intelligence based advisories with statistics to back up recommendation

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CloudSqueeze Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. ParkMyCloud

    Nest for the cloud - Automatically schedule on/off times for your idle AWS EC2 instances.