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Blender is the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation.

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14 BEST 2D Animation Software in 2020 [Free/Paid]
Blender is a 2D computer graphics software application for developing visual effects, animated movies, games, and more. This tool allows you to import or export videos in MPEG, QuickTime, and AVI file formats.
9 Best Video Editing Software in 2020 with Benefits & Features
Blender is again one of the most recommended video editing software that is available for free to the people. This is an open-source platform built with 3D computer graphics by combining the efforts of students, artists, visual effect experts, scientists, game artists, animators, artists, and several other professionals.
7 Best 3D Modeling Programs Like SketchUp | EASY RENDER
Blender isn’t quite as straightforward in terms of toolset as SketchUp, but it’s pretty darn close. But, that’s an easy concession to make when you consider everything else the program offers. Not only is it a proper 3D modeler, it has a fully integrated rendering engine that stands tall against programs like vRay, Maxwell, or Lumion. Blender is a one-stop-shop that contintues to amaze the visualization and...
Best Free Video Editing Software for Linux
Blender is a professional, industry-grade, open source, cross-platform video editor. It is popular for 3D works. Blender has been used in several Hollywood movies, including the Spider-Man series.
10 Adobe Animate Alternatives in 2020
Blender has a collection of tools for modeling, lighting and even more. You can work with dynamic simulations and create such things as fabric, pouring liquids, etc. It is also possible to use Blender as a non-linear video editor.
10 Best Free Animation Software Program to Make Marketing Videos in 2020
Use Blender if you’re looking for the best video animation software for pro editors and creators. The free open-source 3D animation tool supports the “modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation pipeline.” The platform is a public project, and creatives from all over the world contribute to its ongoing maintenance.
Japanese anime studio Khara moving to Blender
Onitsuka: “Hand-draw animators can start drawing only with paper and pencil. Just like that, 3D CG animators can start creating only with Blender at the same level cost with ‘paper and pencil’. We already started speaking to partner companies ‘let’s use Blender together’. We are just starting now but high quality work Blender can be the best proof that our choice is the right one. What shows our value is the...
Looking for a SketchUp alternative? Check out the 10 best options
Blender is a totally free, open source software that can do an unbelievably wide range of things. Popular among both professionals and beginners, it’s a great all-around tool with a moderately high learning curve.

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