1. Adadyn is an ad tech platform that simplifies programmatic advertising, retargeting & dynamic creative solutions.

  2. cloud.IQ provides cloud-based, integrated marketing applications that help companies acquire customers and convert opportunities.

  3. myThings is a personalized retargeting provider whose solution enables online advertisers to create personalized online display ads.

  4. Self-serve online advertising platform.

  5. Adcrowd is a self-service retargeting platform.

  6. Xenon Mail is an automated retargeting system, providing companies with the ability to remind email recipients of campaigns.

  7. Data-driven Audience Targeting

  8. Hublo is a retargeting platform that allows marketers to track what's happening on their website and launch remarketing campaigns.

  9. Yesmail provides email marketing solutions that integrate mobile, web, and social channels for marketers.

  10. Cloud-based platform that makes it simple to launch rich media retargeting, email and display campaigns to boost top-of-funnel leads.

  11. Zoom Analytics' conversion optimization platform converts visitors while still in the website using smart on-site targeted campaigns.

  12. Marin Audience Marketing Suite is a cross-channel performance advertising platform used by advertisers and agencies.