1. Free placeholder images for web or print design mockups

  2. Dead-easy placeholder images. Of kittens.

  3. Lorem Ipsum... but for photos

  4. Unsplash is a website with high-quality free HD images. It has a catalog of more than three hundred thousand striking images that are neatly organized with tags. Read more about Unsplash.

  5. A quick and simple image placeholder service.

  6. Bear-themed placeholder images for developers

  7. Render image placeholders entirely in browser with JavaScript.

  8. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

  9. An open-source library and web app for generating placeholder images.

  10. LoremFlickr is a service that provides free placeholder images for web and print.

  11. Use pictures of tasty meat as placeholders in your design

  12. Custom-sized placeholder images of Bill Murray