1. SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible.

  2. Real-time guided selling for Account Executives. Boost sales rep productivity, win rates and effectiveness.

  3. Your Salesforce.com lead workflow reimagined

  4. Cloud-based platform that enables retailers to create and send promotions to smartphones over any mall guest Wi-Fi network.

  5. PRMDeals is a partner relationship management software designed to enable any organization easily manage channel partners and sales leads.

  6. Know what's working in under 72 hours. We connect marketing impressions to omnichannel payment data so you can optimize in flight.

  7. Zaxaa is online market allowing you to sell and buy products instantly.

  8. bluedot is a three-day festival exploring the realms of music, science, technology and the arts, taking place at Jodrell Bank July 2017. Line up incoming soon.

  9. Grow faster with better local market research. View demographics, traffic, competition, spending, demand, and more using simple, self-serve reporting tools.

  10. Other CRM and Sales

  11. Craig Nelson, CEO. iCentera pioneered on-demand Sales Enablement Platform, and now has 15,000+ portals and 250,000+ subscribers.

  12. Find advertising & agency decision-makers for thousands of national brands with Advertising Database, the top prospecting tool for media/marketing sales.