1. IdeaScale is the leading innovation management software platform for the enterprise, government, and education.

  2. Spigit is a software program designed to help CEOs and industry leaders to tap into the creativeness of their employees. It brands itself as an idea management tool. Read more about Spigit.

  3. Enterprise software to increase internal innovation through collaboration. Use internally or in an open innovation process. Get better ideas, make faster decisions.

  4. Innovation Cloud is a modular online end-to-end innovation management platform that enables you to innovate and create value in a flexible, engaging and rewarding way.


  5. Ideator helps you grow your idea and start a business.

  6. Brightidea is an innovation management software to crowdsource tomorrow's ideas today.

  7. Easy to use suggestion box and idea management tools for your business.

  8. Idea management system for messengers that allows to collect, vote and discuss ideas from your employees.

  9. Collect ideas, set challenges and execute great thinking through the world's most intuitive...

  10. MindSumo connects college students with Fortune 500 companies for open innovation challenges.

  11. CitizenLab is a civic engagement software which helps cities make better informed decisions.

  12. Idea management service and collection of brainstorming tools.