1. Employee Onboarding

  2. SAP HCM helps companies retain and hire the right people, manage HR processes, and ensure legal compliance.

  3. Boost the productivity of your workplace with peopleHum! It is a new age platform that helps you administer all aspects of an employee’s life cycle and increases your hiring efficiency.

  4. Lumesse helps customers implement local talent management initiatives that identify, nurture and develop.

  5. Keka is India's most desired HR & Payroll software. Keka's HR Payroll software help organizations create the best employee experience EVER! Try for free

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  6. A simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

  7. Nakisa is a global leader in organizational design and lease accounting software and services. We develop innovative, robust and forward-thinking software solutions that help businesses achieve their objectives.

  8. Persono is a cloud-based HCM service. Persono Digital HR offers 360 degrees performance appraisal, survey and suggestion management.

  9. Charlie automates many of the administrative headaches you'll experience when scaling a company, so you can spend less time doing admin and more time doing the things you love.

  10. EPAY is a human capital management solution.

  11. Built for Teams is a well-designed, easy-to-use, cloud-based HR product.

  12. Web based Payroll Software, HRIS software, Training Management and Attendance Software. 550+ clients with 10-35000 employees, across verticals in India.