1. Reactive Components for Modern Web Interfaces

  2. Curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library

  3. Angular is a JavaScript web framework for creating single-page web applications. The code is free to use and available as open source. It is further maintained and heavily used by Google and by lots of other developers around the world.

  4. Free themes for Bootstrap

  5. A self-driving web app framework

  6. UI kits, icons, templates, mockups and more, free

  7. A react render engine for Universal (previously Isomorphic) JavaScript apps written with express, by PayPal

  8. An alternative side effect model for Redux apps

  9. http://bit. ly/bY8LhR Once your keyword research has identified a Site Concept (i. e., theme) and several related ..

  10. A lightweight, responsive, modern drag-and-drop library (by Shopify)

  11. A JavaScript framework for everyone who wants to build beautiful experiences on any device

  12. A React/Redux library for querying and managing network state