1. Web scraping solutions for every requirement

  2. Blazent is a cloud-based IT data integrity engine that aggregates, reconciles and consolidates IT data.

  3. Informatica REV is a revolutionary new business user-focused full feautured data-prep tool that focuses on end-user simplicity.

  4. Talend Data Preparation combines intuitive self-service data preparation and data curation tools with data integration to accelerate data usage across the organization.

  5. TMM Data is a web-based software for data integration, preparation, and management.

  6. DataPreparator is a free software tool designed to assist with tasks of data preparation in data analysis and data mining. 

  7. Talend Data Services Platform is a single solution for data and application integration to deliver projects faster at a lower cost.

  8. Trillium helps organizations increase revenues, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance customer interactions

  9. Matillion is a cloud-based data integration software.

  10. The smart way to generate random data for your projects.

  11. Talend offers open source middleware solutions that address big data integration, data management and application integration needs for businesses of all sizes.

  12. Easily generate fake data for populating your mockups and testing your applications.