1. Augur.io provides a set of APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to recognize devices, and consumers across devices.

  2. Quantcast Audience Grid helps every publisher, data provider and advertiser get more value from audience data for insights and targeting.

  3. Dataline offers comprehensive consumer database solutions.

  4. Get predictions about your target market in GSheets for free

  5. Cross Pixel provides high-performance audience data and pre-roll video, display advertising, social media, text links and content.

  6. Connexity offers pre-built popular audience segments helping organizations to get in touch with right audiences.

  7. C3 Metrics is an online media analytics and optimization platform providing products for agencies, brands, publishers, networks and DSPs.

  8. Magi Metrics offers Instagram data, with audience demographic reports.

  9. DTScout provides global behavioural and demographic audience data.

  10. ChoiceStream delivers advertisers the highest quality audiences at scale.

  11. Profound connects brands with the in-demand online audience — the business professionals.

  12. Personagraph is a mobile first Audience Platform-as-a-Service for advertisers and publishers.