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The 11 best online whiteboards

Miro Stormboard IPEVO Annotator Limnu Invision A Web Whiteboard Conceptboard Explain Everything Whiteboard Fox
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    Scalable, secure, cross-device and enterprise-ready team collaboration tool for distributed teams. Join 2M+ users & 8000+ teams from around the world.
    You can do even more with Miro by using Miro's Zapier integrations. Automatically create a card on a board in Miro whenever you have a new task, entry in a spreadsheet, or form submission.

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  2. Stormboard empowers data-driven companies to turn their unstructured whiteboards into data-rich collaborative workspaces; enabling data-driven decisions and efficient processes — often eliminating the need for meetings entirely.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $5.0 / Monthly (Per User - Startup Plan)
    You can do even more with Stormboard by using Stormboard's Zapier integrations. Automatically create an idea in Stormboard whenever you receive an email or have a new task in your project management tool.

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  3. Fully Utilize Your Interactive Whiteboard
    Developed by the same company that creates interactive whiteboards for classroom settings, IPEVO Annotator turns your entire desktop, laptop, or mobile device into a whiteboard. Once the app is installed and opened, a moveable toolbar appears on your screen, giving you access to your writing tools. From here, you can start drawing to mark up files that are open on your existing desktop, or click on the whiteboard button to turn your entire screen into a blank whiteboard. To document or save your notes, you can take a screenshot or create a recording.

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    Sketch, share and collaborate with your team
    But Limnu does a lot more than give realistic marker drawings: It also includes collaboration features that will convince you that the jump to a digital whiteboard was worthwhile. To invite others to view your board, click on the share icon and copy/paste the link. You can even limit their permissions, if you want, so that they can view the board without editing the content. Once they've joined, you can collaborate via the chat box.

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  5. Prototyping and collaboration for design teams
    InVision Freehand gives designers the opportunity to sync their Sketch and Photoshop files and get real-time feedback from the team. Each logged in user appears as an icon on the top right corner of the whiteboard, with a dot indicating the color of the "ink" for their markups. Adding text and uploading files is as simple as a click of the mouse on the top toolbar. And if you want to add shapes, just hold down Shift while drawing, and it will recognize the shapes as you draw them.

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  6. NOTE: A Web Whiteboard has been discontinued.
    A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or...
    With AWW, you can embed a whiteboard onto any web page by copy/pasting an iframe code, similar to how YouTube video embeds work. Anyone who accesses the page can then take advantage of this fully functional whiteboard.

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  7. Visual Remote Teamwork. Solve problems and create ideas on endless whiteboard with your teammates by sketching.

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  8. Instant Whiteboards for Teams & Projects
    Conceptboard is a great choice if you're looking for a whiteboard to use with a team when creating large, complex drawings like storyboards or a multi-page design revision. In addition to adding drawings, text, and shapes, you can embed video and audio content. Whiteboard collaborators can converse via chat, leave comments on the board itself, and even assign tasks to each other inside the app. Even with the complexity it allows, the interface is quite easy to navigate, with navigation and toolbars located on the top and left-hand side.

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  9. Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that...
    As a whiteboard, Explain Everything lets you draw, add text, upload files, and create basic shapes. All fairly standard. But because it offers video recording capabilities, it allows you to record your whiteboard—and voice—as you draw, then edit or split elements to refine the finished video. Once you're satisfied, you can save the video to be shared online as a link or downloaded as an MP4. That way, people who weren't able to attend the whiteboarding session can still get a sense of the process behind it.

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  10. Simple Online Whiteboard
    Compared to the other apps on this list, Whiteboard Fox might be considered stripped down in features, but it still has all the essentials for a great whiteboard app: freehand drawing, straight lines, the ability to embed photos and add text, and even a replay feature which opens your whiteboard in a new browser tab and provides an instant replay video of your work from start to finish.

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    MURAL is a visual collaboration workspace for modern teams.
    Remote teams who use MURAL for meetings (like Zapier), will love the digital version of some office staples, from timers (which you can use for focused ideation sprints) to chat boxes. It can be tough to share candid feedback in remote team meetings. That's why we love MURAL's timed voting session, where you can allot a number of votes to each collaborator. To vote, click on an object on your whiteboard. Every vote is anonymous and tallied automatically.

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