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Lodel vs Joyrun: Double the delivery for hungry students

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    “Since we integrate directly with he restaurants, Lodel processes all the payments. So by the time someone has ordered the food is already all payed for. Typically, we provide restaurants with tablets and the order appears there,” Rolland said. “Then, since the order is paid for, we then do direct distributions into the restaurants account for the sales that week. It’s all processed through Lodel. The drivers get delivery, and tip, and payed for all the orders they do.”

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    A community based delivery company, JoyRun is the friendlier way to get what you need in your community. Text me the app. Get the app.
    “As far as the future goes Joyrun is just branching out to more college campuses. Ideally what would be awesome is that you could go to any college town or city and be able to use Joyrun,” Thompson said. “It’s still growing to be more of a common thing. We are also getting more restaurant partnerships to do more frequent deals in the future.”

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