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Top 10 Best Apps To Use Linux Terminal on Your Android Device

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  1. Android-Terminal-Emulator - A VT-100 terminal emulator for the Android OS

  2. Terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android

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    Termux:Styling (version 0.30): Customize your Termux terminal.
  3. QTE

    Qute: Terminal Emulator

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  4. BusyBox is a single binary that provides several stripped-down Unix tools in a single executable.

    So Im working on making my own OS from scratch. Im using a... about 26 days ago

    Https:// This was my guiding light for a project a while back. It describes what Linux expects "time zero" looks like for the system; whatever operating system is going to boot needs that kind of contract between the boot environment and its own entry point. You can develop a lightweight linux-based OS with that document and a package like
  5. ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform.

    Connectbot scripting about 9 months ago

    I'd like to customize the connectbot application so I can transmit and receive ssh commands to my raspberry pi, by pushing a button. I am imagining it like scripting the application and putting the scripts at buttons, and display the response that the raspberry sent back.
  6. This application is open source software for quick and easy installation of the operating system...

    T95 Android TV (Allwinner H616) includes malware right... about 3 months ago:

    Your question is invalid (and my point proven, sadly) unless you know how to run Linux Deploy on a Chromecast. You were too busy trying to be the smartest guy in the room before thinking to ask what I was actually doing with this thing in the first place.
  7. MT

    Material Terminal

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  8. The all in one terminal client for Android including SSH, Local Shell, Mosh and Telnet support.

  9. LAD


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  10. Powerful iOS, Android, Desktop (Chrome) SSH client

    Is it possible to rebind the paste command for the shell view? about 3 months ago

    To each his own. I use Bitvise on Windows and the free version of Termius on macOS.